Bitcoin Mania: Japan Sees ‘Cryptocurrency’ Become Top-10 Buzzword

Wilma Woo · December 4, 2017 · 7:30 am

Japan consumers rate “cryptocurrency” a more influential ‘buzzword’ than anything except six terms in 2017, data shows.

Japan: Cryptocurrency Is 7th Biggest ‘Buzzword’

Results of a public vote for the so-called ‘buzzwords’ of 2017 have concluded that cryptocurrency is a top-ten term for the year, coming in at number seven, local news outlet ITmedia reports.

The trend continues Japan’s newfound official love affair with cryptocurrency, the technology having gained regulatory approval and enjoying an exploding exchange and commerical scene.

While actual usage remains niche, trading and investment have taken off, while the country’s press is also adopting a more pro-Bitcoin stance than that in many other jurisdictions.

“Buy Bitcoin, even if it’s a bubble,” the Japan Times proclaimed this weekend carrying a Bloomberg article as prices passed and fell below $11,000.

The country’s new licensing scheme introduced earlier this year has meanwhile formed 15 legal exchanges, with more currently in the pipeline to receive the go-ahead from regulators.

Indians Google Bitcoin, Not Gold

As Bitcoin specifically enjoys a global surge in adoption via trading and investment, it is not just Japan showing changing consumer awareness.

Interest is also rapidly increasing in India, a country where exchanges are adding hundreds of thousands of users monthly despite highly critical government announcements about cryptocurrency.

Now, Google Trends analysis has shown ‘Bitcoin’ is searched for more often than ‘gold’, a phenomenon hitting the country for the first time.

Bloomberg reported early in November how ‘Buy Bitcoin’ had begun to far outstrip ‘Buy gold’ in global search trends for 2017.

The same is visible with various Bitcoin-related terms on the global stage, with “how to invest in Bitcoin” passing “how to invest in stocks” in November and rapidly accelarating into December.

India was a major source of such requests, with Australia also making a notable appearance as trading volumes from the relatively unknown market shot to new records last week.

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