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The explosive growth of cryptocurrencies and blockchain based solutions fueled a switch of future online payments from traditional banking to crypto. The global online retail market will reach 3 trillion dollars in the end of 2018. With such potential of the industry new players started to emerge offering completely different ways to get paid for e-commerce businesses.

Why Is Crypto so Much Better?

The retail world is experiencing growth such as has never been seen before. In order for merchants to catch up, they need not only put much more effort into marketing and positioning strategies but also to choose the right online payment processing partners.

What has been realized recently is that cryptocurrencies are becoming a very popular method of payments. With that in mind, all ecommerce innovation-driven businesses start to look for decent online crypto payment processing companies to provide more added value to their clients and stand out in the industry. Surely adding crypto will increase the conversion rate of any e-shop targeting innovation-driven customers.

Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Ripple or many others are great for instant cheap transactions. No banks, credit card companies or a huge number of other middlemen need to participate in the process of a sale. It is all straightforward like it should be in times booming re-invention of digital technologies.

Bitcoinus will offer such solution for all online businesses. 2 seconds to approve any transaction, merchant reputation system and free transactions for merchants when paid with Bitcoinus tokens. This is something to look for if you are really looking to adopt the blockchain technology for your business.

Why Is Crypto so Much Better?

The Falling Kingdom of PayPal

Nowadays, one of the most popular online payment systems is PayPal, with a more than $11 billion turnover in 2017. The future seems a bit unclear when it comes to the fact of increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies. It is hardly possible that such corporation will change their philosophy and switch to blockchain based payments.

Bitcoinus – a new startup is aiming to overtake the dominance of online payments in only a couple of years. How will they do it?

Traditional processing companies are eager to switch to blockchain-based technology due to many existing uncertainties. Last year‘s increase of capitalization of all cryptocurrencies and immediate spread of the number of blockchain solutions will affect virtually all existing online businesses. Safer and more efficient information distribution brings a completely new approach to internet payments as well since it is also only a form of information that changes hands.

This and many other reasons make PayPal worry a lot. Not long from now, blockchain-based currencies will rule the most of online retail market and there is no way of stopping it. How will they deal with it?

Making Crypto Payments Low Cost & Flexible

Making Crypto Payments Low Cost & Flexible

More and more people start to use cryptocurrencies to for goods and services online. Currently, it is not either easy or convenient.

Bitcoinus will offer clean and flexible API for developers of any online business to develop their own solutions with integrated crypto payments. The plugins for all major ecommerce platforms like WordPress, Shopify and a number of others.

Tomas Mickauskas, the founder of Bitcoinus, says:

The main benefit as such is the fact that a transaction cost which will come 0,5% as standard. It will even be free for both parties paying with BIU tokens which open completely new horizons for online business cost management. Our vision is to make ecommerce more profitable as the increasing competition drives the P/L curve downwards. Bitcoinus will also bring back the opportunity to succeed for all small enterprises.

Bitcoinus ICO

The ICO of Bitcoinus will commence on 22nd of January. All contributors will be able to get a generous 47% discount on BIU tokens. Some of the best examples of future benefits are free transactions to B2B clients who will be interested in adopting the cryptocurrencies as their new progressive payment method.

“We are ready to introduce the so needed crypto payment processing solution to the world of ecommerce. Big retail corporations only get bigger because they have favorable conditions. Bitcoinus will provide them to all businesses. Cryptocurrencies will certainly have a huge influence in traditional retailing, taking a part of this revolution is a huge privilege.” – says Povilas Ruzgaila, an ICO Expert and the head of business development in Bitcoinus.

All individuals who will support the Bitcoinus project will also be able to get a variety of discounts while shopping at Bitcoinus retail partners’ online platforms and e-shops. BIU tokens will be traded in all major exchanges to provide liquidity. Therefore all conditions will be created for the BIU token to be accepted as a payment method to all Bitcoinus partners.

Bitcoinus ICO presale will offer 8M tokens 47% off the regular price, starts on 22nd of January.


What do you think of Bitcoinus? Will it make it easier and cheaper for merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments?

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