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When glamour meets tech, the corollary is very widely accepted by people over the world even though tech-enabled fabric would cost a little extra.

Most of the big brands today are changing the course of conventional (less blinkered) fashion towards a more outré fashion. Recently Levis launched a SUPER DOPE smart jacket in collaboration with Google specially for people who commute on a bike. It costs $350 (certainly more than an average person would spend on jacket) yet it is gaining a lot of popularity. You can listen to music, enable google maps, answer phone calls and enable text on your jacket while on-go.

Do check out this awesome video to get more insights into the jacket. Keeping the tech aside, I must admit that the jacket looks hot!

As I see it, the entire culture is shifting its pace and methods to infuse technology and related trends with it. The new way to survive is to adopt technology. Probably this is why most sports gear brand (like Nike) endorse themselves as more of a tech company than an apparel company. Nike is constantly coming up with radical solutions with state-of-the-art sensors to measure heart rate, speed, calories burnt, distance run while performing any activity.

The above case study was a typical example of Internet of Things (IoT) in fashion. Let’s see how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can revolutionise fashion. When I walk into Marks & Spencer, I see a myriad of options not knowing where to go. Also, FOMO clouds my judgment. What would it be like if M&S installs a kiosk in every section where customer can choose the type of fabric they want, the colour, the size et al — and the kiosk tells the customer what the store currently holds! It is like shopping on a mobile app but being physically in the store. Such a solution would certainly change my life and definitely save heck lot of time!


That’s because data is now the most desirable business model. And the companies that will thrive in the coming years are those that can reinvent themselves to keep up with changes in technology and society.

In both the examples mentioned above, the company making use of the technology is collecting tons and tons of data on which big data tech can be applied to know what customers like at what point of time. Such a solution can also help the brand with inventory management.

I haven’t mentioned about blockchain example because the next section will be all about that!

So now we how truly revolutionising tech can be in the fashion industry. Let’s concretise this idea more by diving deep into blockchain use-cases.

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