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BlockchainDefender, the latest service from the trusted company ReputationDefender, is now available. The innovative new solution delivers a range of services to ICOs, exchanges, blockchains, and individuals, ensuring their online reputations are seen in a positive light by those who search for them. BlockchainDefender recognises that a company’s online reputation is a crucial part of any online marketing strategy, yet one that is frequently overlooked.

Services to Improve and Maintain a Positive Reputation

The key service BlockchainDefender offers is the ability to improve and then maintain an online reputation, whether it is for an individual, a project, or a company as a whole. For those who do not yet have a reputation, BlockchainDefender works to organically create positive content as a way to project a strong first impression. This pre-emptive positive reputation also has the added benefit of minimising any future negative content released about BlockchainDefender’s customers.

In the case of companies or individuals with a less-than-stellar reputation, BlockchainDefender works to rebuild that reputation by displacing negative search results and replacing them with positive results. These methods have already led to success for ReputationDefender, the company behind BlockchainDefender.

Serving Everyone in the Blockchain World

The services at BlockchainDefender can be customised to benefit any member of the blockchain community, although they are specifically designed to help ICOs, blockchains, exchanges, and individuals in prominent roles in related industries.

For blockchains and cryptocurrencies, the improvement to online reputation BlockchainDefender provides can serve to improve interest in the project, which, in turn, will increase demand and subsequently the project’s value. For ICOs, a positive reputation will lead to a strong first impression with potential investors, increasing the chances of a successful initial coin offering.

Exchanges can utilise BlockchainDefender’s services to improve their online reputations as a way to increase trading volume as more traders choose their platform. Individuals in the blockchain can take advantage of the service to ensure an online search reveals who they truly are in a balanced way that encourages support.

Customisable Services

For convenience, BlockchainDefender divides its customers into four main categories: blockchain, exchanges, ICOs and individuals, but each category also has complete customisation. From there, the services themselves are also personalised, including services such as repairing search results, extending a project’s global reach, fixing search suggestions and enhancing brand visibility. These services go hand-in-hand to defend the reputation of those in the blockchain industry.

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