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Pink taxi is a transport company that works to fight against sexual abuse that women who travel alone face. This is made possible since women drive the vehicles for women. Not only does the platform offer safe transport services to women, but also provide jobs for them. The blockchain technology works toward protecting the interests of passengers and drivers by ensuring secure fair incomes for the employees and immutable data access.

The concept of the pink taxi has attracted a lot of applause and interests all around the world since it was launched back in 2006. The availability of the service across eighteen countries is a clear indication of the competency of the idea.

How pink taxi help women

Pink taxi was primarily founded on the concept of women empowerment. Women exercise more power and control in their lives when economically empowered. The need for women empowerment in economic, political and social-cultural fields is highlighted by the different advantages of men and women.

In some countries, it is hard for women to hail rides since they experience a lot of harassment and inconveniences. Pink taxi was developed to curb this problem to ensure comfort and safety for the women.  Women also get an opportunity to earn as they are also the drivers of the exclusive taxi service.

With the empowerment, women gain substantial influence economically and socially which translates to the creation of more just environments both nationally and internationally.

Women stand to gain an opportunity to benefit from a Peer to Peer workplace and be empowered by investing in the pink taxi through the purchase of tokens in the initial coin offering.

Pink taxi group

The pink taxi encompasses experienced professionals in their respective areas with the vision of improving the project through technology.

Sir John McAfee the world renowned security expert, founder of McAfee Anti-Virus, a key player in the anti-virus software world and a presidential candidate in 2016 is supporting the project as the head of the advisory board. Being an unremitting blockchain technology promoter, McAfee is also known for being significantly involved and developing many successful crypto tech and security industries endeavors. His involvement and continuous support towards the project is an affirmation of significant accomplishments.

The PTT tokens

PTT is an Ethereum based token employed by the pink taxi platform. It is used for paying drivers and enabling passengers to access other features of pink taxi owners of the token reap benefit such as transparency, decentralization, and security which emanates from the blockchain technology.

The loyalty of the clients and drivers is rewarded by tokens which can be used to get free rides or to convert to other forms of virtual currency.

These tokens provide a means of interaction with the cryptocurrency world that employs technology for women in a superficial manner, despite them having little representation. With pink taxi playing a primary role in the crypto trading and investment world, the number of women involved in cryptocurrency is bound to increase over time.

Women will gain a better platform for engaging in economic and social activities, and an opportunity aimed to be realized by pink taxi through the provision of convenient and secure modes of transport.

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