BLOCKv Partners with Storj Labs to Provide Decentralized Storage Architecture and New Toolsets to Power Next Generation Digital Objects

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BLOCKv, a Blockchain-based development platform for the creation of smart, secure and dynamic virtual objects, announced a partnership with Storj Labs, a decentralized cloud storage provider, to host virtual assets using Blockchain technology.

The partnership enables developer communities to leverage both companies’ innovative technology: BLOCKv to build virtual items – called vAtoms – embedded with an “experiential layer,” and Storj to host these items on a decentralized cloud storage platform that incorporates encryption, sharding and a large network to secure data.

This partnership will enable the next generation of digital objects, which will be smart, experiential micro-apps that store real-world value and interact with their ‘owners,’ other digital objects, social media platforms and even IoT devices. As the demand for digital assets rapidly expands, driven by the rapid rise of digital tickets, coupons, games like Pokémon GO and Counterstrike, electronic identity and medical records, and devices such as tablets, smart TVs, and e-readers, there is an increasing need for more capacity to store information about the objects, their graphics and video assets.

The Storj peer-to-peer, decentralized storage solution has been tested with enterprise-scale clients and enables the effective delivery of any digital asset. Storj will enable BLOCKv’s developers to securely store their vAtom’s multimedia, commerce, data and code in the cloud, and quickly stream the desired content or data to the vAtom’s front-end in real-time. The result will be a self-contained, interactive digital object that is secure, dynamic and multimedia-rich yet small enough to be stored on, and shared via, mobile devices.

“Storj is pioneering a revolutionary new way to not only securely store files but cache them nearby and have immediate availability,” said BLOCKv CEO Reeve Collins. “BLOCKv will make consumer-facing Blockchain-linked virtual goods available to the world, and Storj will enable us to do it more securely and cost effectively. We’re excited to offer BLOCKv’s platform to the Storj community of developers and users, and look forward to offering Storj’s decentralized solution as an upcoming storage option for our developers.”

BLOCKv’s platform promises to usher in the next generation digital goods economy through the creation of a user interface layer that mitigates the complexity of Blockchain development to unlock exponential growth. The partnership with Storj will create an additional layer of security for its developers. Storj encrypts, shreds, and distributes data pieces across its global network and provides only the customer with an encrypted access key. This process, along with a large decentralized network, prevents security breaches and maintains vAtom integrity.

“As businesses become ever more digital, they need solutions that rethink how we manage digital assets and innovate the capabilities within these objects, while not sacrificing security and performance in the process,” said John Quinn, Storj Labs co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer. “BLOCKv is a key partner, and by combining Storj’s encrypted, decentralized cloud storage platform with their virtual asset management technology, we are jointly creating new opportunities for businesses and the developer ecosystem through our interconnected, complimentary technology. We are happy to welcome BLOCKv users to the growing Storj community and we will be there to support BLOCKv and help its developers achieve this vision.”

BLOCKv is releasing the V Token (Ticker: VEE) which will allow developers to access the platform, publish vAtoms and fund their long running processes. The V token, built on the ERC20 standard, is a key part of the BLOCKv open-source development and operational environment. V provides the essential utilities of access, power, and incentive to the global community of creators and developers.  BLOCKv will make V Tokens available through an upcoming Token Generation Event on October 19, 2017. Anyone interested in learning more about the tokens and BLOCKv technology can download the BLOCKv whitepaper at

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