‘Borderline Fraud’ Bitcoin Cash Is ‘Less Secure’ – Max Keiser To CNBC

Wilma Woo · December 12, 2017 · 8:00 am

Keiser Report host and Bitcoin proponent Max Keiser has told CNBC Bitcoin Cash is “by definition less secure than Bitcoin.”

Keiser Left Unimpressed At Ver’s CNBC Stunt

In a Twitter exchange following the appearance of Bitcoin Cash’s Roger Ver on the network’s Fast Money segment, Keiser argued the Bitcoin fork “eschews decentralization,” which is a “cornerstone” of Bitcoin.

“Bottom Line: BitcoinCash (sic) is, by definition, less secure than Bitcoin as it eschews decentralization; the cornerstone of TRUE bitcoin intent and design,” he wrote.

Additionally, use of the ‘Bitcoin’ name in this instance is deceitful and borders on outright fraud.

The comments came in response to CNBC its joining in the debate, questioning why both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash could not coexist simultaneously.

“Do they have to be mutually exclusive? Can’t they both be good? So much division in this world,” it wrote, describing the two chains’ opposition as “sad.”

‘Promoting A Scam’?

Ver continues to enjoy widespread publicity as a Bitcoin commentator despite his recent switch to Bitcoin Cash and public denouncing of the original Bitcoin as a “cripple coin.”

Some of his comments have been especially contentious, these notably including criticism of speaker and educator Andreas Antonopoulos’ net worth in Bitcoin.

Commenting on CNBC’s choice of guest meanwhile, Keiser said the network was not guilty of “promoting a scam” referring to Cash.

“Is CNBC culpable in promoting a scam? No, because they make no claims about veracity and integrity. The market is an amusing cockfight they cover – without journalistic standards – for bored hedge fund managers,” he retaliated, suggesting viewers instead watch his own Keiser Report for “informed Bitcoin analysis.”

Bitcoin Cash continues to post relatively flat growth in the face of Bitcoin’s rapid ascent to $17,000. Nonetheless, the project has a huge marketing presence on social media, with dedicated advocates appearing to infiltrate almost any discussion bringing up aspects of Bitcoin’s current status.

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