Building for Team Success with Content-Powered Apps

There is a powerful trend happening in application development. It is a shift from building and managing application services to leveraging APIs for focused application services. Cosmic JS is taking this empowering concept to data and file management and allowing cross-functional teams to build quality apps faster, together. To further illustrate this point, Tony Spiro, co-founder and CEO of Cosmic JS, presented “Building for Team Success with Content-Powered Apps” at the React JS Dallas Meetup on Tuesday May 8, 2018.

React JS Dallas is an innovative bunch of front end developers comprised of corporate in-house developers, community leaders in the Dev Bootcamp systems as well as freelancers, agency devs and technical evangelists. Led by Organizer Mike Mathew, a Dallas-based React Development leader and technology director at Call-Em-All, the meetup was held at Pearl Technology Holdings and featured speakers from DevMountain and Cosmic JS. The full video is embedded below and runs approximately 43 minutes.

Building for Team Success with Content-Powered Apps


  • Who is Tony Spiro?
  • What’s the “old workflow” look like for teams building content-powered apps?Cloud / API Microservices shifts in Payment Gateways, Email Platforms and the Content Management Space
  • Cosmic JS Demo: GraphQL / React Blog installation from the Cosmic JS CLI
  • Cosmic JS Demo: Debut of new Augmented Reality application with dynamic content changes

I hope that you’ve found this event recap informative and inspiring to activate local JavaScript and React communities of your own. To see how we’re building our own community of developers and editors collaborating to build apps faster, visit Cosmic JS and sign up for a free trial.

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