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@8topuzAnthony Munns

Head of Digital at 8topuz

Around the world stock markets have been recording historic losses, with Market Economists now warning that the hit to the global economy is likely to be worse than the financial crisis of 2008 or the Great Depression.

In March 2020 the Dow Jones saw its steepest drop ever, recording losses that were even worse than during the Great Depression. No one was prepared for this crash, not even veteran investors, with many seeing their investments being severely depleted.  

The impact of the Coronavirus just reinforces how volatile the stock markets can be and the damage situations like the Covid-19 pandemic can cause to your investments.

During these uncertain times, many investors are now crying out for an alternative investment solution to diversify and mitigate risk, while still yielding consistent returns. 

8topuz offers unique AI-based, risk-managed, trading software that works by utilizing the vast FX trading market and works typically with specific currency pairs.

The 8topuz software allows anyone to invest in an automated system, that is designed to effectively produce a consistent audited ROI of 3-4% per month, meaning non-traders could tap into the power of our AI system and benefit from machine-learned risk management algorithms.

The risk management part is also well adjusted to fluctuations and has the added option of human intervention when needed.

As a result, the whole trading system can be managed in-case of anomalies to typical patterns that the software has learned from masses of historical data in a machine-learned environment.

Our Returns

The 8topuz approach has completely outperformed the stock market over the last few years. While stocks generally produce an average return of 8-12% a year, the 8topuz system has been producing average audited returns of between 20-60% a year.

The data below shows our performance in the volatile March-April 2020 period:

In the words of our CEO Abdul Abdi:

“Since December 2016 we have only recorded one losing month, unlike the S&P 500 for example which has recorded 10 losing months since that period. The ability to adapt to situations that may be unexpected or rare allows us to better protect our clients and deliver more consistent returns”.

Alternatives to 8topuz in the AI Trading niche:

There are of course other niche providers in the growing sector, offering similar AI technology but delivering solutions in unique ways. They are:

Jaaims is an Australian based automated trading application. Their app enables investors to leverage artificial intelligence to trade on their behalf. It currently has over 1,000 stocks from around the world that investors can choose from. Their AI software can analyse, predict, and make calculated trades for you based on the stocks you choose to trade.  

Headed up by alumni of Goldman Sachs and Millennium partners Hedge fund, this trading platform enables you to build trading algorithms. You can also access sentiment on market stocks and coins. If back-testing matters to your trading ambitions then Algoriz could be the perfect solution to your needs. 

Trade Ideas

Their software will help you with technical analysis and real-time data and analysis for a whole range of stock market and trading activity using AI based data analytics. It also has features such as automated trend channel lines and a technical analysis heatmap tool.

Wrapping up

There is now a variety of AI investing/trading solutions available to the market. These technological advancements in AI can considerably help investors in enhancing the decision-making process, identifying trends, and predicting outcomes. These solutions are all helping to enhance the trading experience and generate better results.


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