Can blockchain survive a nuclear war? – Hacker Noon

The greatest threat to mankind in coming future lies in hand of the rich and the powerful, and it seems they don’t really care if they eradicate all of humanity just to settle some petty issue or for their greed. All of us need to realize that just USA and USSR are quite capable of wiping out the entire population in the snap of a finger.

Photo by rob walsh on Unsplash

The tension across the world is rising and if any nuclear weapons are used for an upcoming war, it’s going to be doomsday for our species. With warheads capable of eradicating our existence from the universe in the hands of the greedy, can we place our bets for saving our information in such an event on the blockchain technology?

If you are still unsure about what you need to know about blockchain technology, you can go through ‘An extensive introduction to blockchain in just 2 minutes’. It’s a 2-minute introduction to understand what is going on and what blockchain actually is.

Blockchain is currently offering the simplest and benevolent distributed ledger databases, these are virtually incorruptible and capable of storing multiple copies of data on every node that’s a part of the system around the world. But is that all we are going to need in devastation.

We already have a glimpse of how blockchain can redefine the society for better, everyone could be offered resources and for once they may even realize the need for helping each other and sharing our limited reserves of food, water and whatever’s left after the war in a bid to let humanity survive.

Photo by Edgar Perez on Unsplash

Even if half of our population is eradicated, and some of us survive to bid war adieu, the few greedy would multiply to many and could use the internet to manipulate and gain profits. This can only be avoided if a decentralized system is in place for everyone to share resources and means for survival for our species, this is exactly where the blockchain fits.

The uses of blockchain in a society like that would be enormous and the world would finally be a better place with fewer people and each one of them weighing other people with equal stature. No central governing body would assure no greedy man could dominate the remaining of us, and we could finally be free.

Technically blockchain is capable of redefining the world, but even if it could, can it be used for making remaining lives better on our nuclear-radiated planet and would we be able to hope for a long-term survival?

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