Can You Robot?

Makers, developers, robotics enthusiasts, if you are still hunting for robotic parts and hoping that they are compatible with the software, please continue reading.

Recently, consumer robotics company Vincross just launched MIND KIT-a robotics developer kit that provides you with hardware and software you need to build your own robot, even though you are the first time students of robotic development. Currently it’s available to pre-order on Kickstarter.

Vincross MIND KIT is available on Kickstarter through March 21, 2019

According to a Harris Poll commissioned by Vincross, 90% of Americans believe learning about robotics will ‘future-proof’ their professions, but just 5% of Americans have attempted to develop a robotics program. The crux of the problem lies in 62% of Americans today feeling that robotics hardware is inaccessible, according to the poll.

MIND KIT comes in at a time when too few public or community-based resources are available, while robotics kits with drag-and-drop programming merely cater to children, but offer nothing modular and sophisticated enough to build practical, complex robots.

If you still imagine that you could have a robot to unload your dishwasher, don’t stop there, because one of the MIND KIT’s Kickstarter rewards-Robotic Arm Kit will give the tools you’ll need.

Let’s take a look what is included in the MIND KIT.

MIND KIT Modules

CEREBRUM — The cerebrum is robotics-optimized single-board computer where you control the robots thinking, language, decision-making and sensing.

SERVO CONTROLLER — The module that enables MIND KIT to run up to 20 servos motors simultaneously. The Servo Controller along with the Cerebrum, when clipped together, form the basis of MIND Kit as a robotics-optimized makers kit.

ENERGON — A Lithium-ion battery that’s optimized to run both AI and robotic motors efficiently.

Customizable — With 54 programmable pins or 6 USB Type-C outlets built into Cerebrum, hack MIND KIT to build highly sophisticated robots customized to your desire.

Modular Accessories — With plug-and-play accessories, clip accessories together to add more functions to your robotic build including Lidar, 4-Axis Robotic Arm, Tank Base (wheeled module with caterpillar track), Speaker & Microphone Array, and Rover Base (four wheeled module).

Robotics-Optimized — The only robotics-tailored makers kit, MIND Kit can control up to 20 servo motors at once, while also running SLAM, real-time video processing, and reinforcement learning.

MIND OS 2.0 — The first and only operating system on the market that’s exclusively designed for robotics, has been updated and now makes it easier than ever to develop software applications for your robot.

What can you do with MIND KIT? Let the robot be your server at your dining table? Get a hug from the robot? Coach your own robot soccer team? The answer is yes to all the above and more.

“Play a drum”
“The soccer team”

Driven by a mission to make robotics accessible, which started with HEXA, Vincross’ six-legged all-terrain robot, MIND KIT takes Vincross vision a step further.

Vincross 6-legged programmable robot HEXA

Under the hood powering MIND KIT, is MIND OS 2.0, Vincross’ updated robotics-specific operating system that can be accessed through a simple SDK, making it easier than ever to build your MIND KIT robot’s skills, movements and applications, without requiring deep robotics development skills.

In addition, MIND OS is supported by the Vincross Forum, a community of robotics developers sharing the knowledge and skills to support other developers in their robotic builds.

If you ever had a cool idea for robots, now it’s a pretty good opportunity to bring your idea to life.

The Kickstarter campaign is ending on March 21, 2019. Check it out, I think you’ll be impressed.

About Vincross

Founded in 2014 by Tianqi Sun, Vincross is a developer of consumer-grade robotics, designed to make robotics more accessible. Best known for HEXA, Vincross’ first consumer six-legged all-terrain robot launched in August 2016, the company’s latest product is the first robotics-optimized makers kit, MIND Kit, launched in Feb 2019. Prior to starting Vincross, Tianqi worked as an AI scientist at Tsinghua University. To date, Vincross has raised $17 Million in funding from GGV Capital, Lenovo, Zhenfund, Seek Dource and others.

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