Case Study: Recruiters of the New Era – Hacker Noon

We all have a strong feeling inside that the technology will be an integral part of our everyday life with Iot, AI, and blockchain dominating in the news. One day we’ll get used to all the innovations and smart-devices. But one thing will remain the same — most of us need a job to buy necessary and not-so-much things. However, the way of searching for new employees will be up to date too.

Dan knows that he will get a list of suitable candidates so he will be able to focus on 10–15 suitable candidates instead of evaluating 250–300 people from job listing sites. Dan is also aware of the fact that people are motivated to find the perfect candidates for positions because they can receive WORK tokens as referrals and as interviewees too. Basically, all people from key stages of the hiring process will be rewarded with tokens that Dan placed.

After a day Dan checks his account at Aworker and finds two candidates who are perfectly qualified for the job, have interest in the industry that he works in, and have strong network of people who can verify their previous work experience.

Dan is impressed by the qualification of candidates and the speed of connecting with them. He invites both job seekers to the series of interview and after the third round offers to one of them an office manager position. Aworker automatically sends rewards to people who recommended candidates, the one who was rejected after interviews, and, of course, the person who finally got the job.

Dan closed the position in 14 days instead of usual 2–2.5 months, the new employee is perfectly suited for a position, and shares values and goals of the company. The next step for Dan is to present the Aworker to the board of directors and get more things done during the working hours than he could before.


We believe that in the future there will be no need to hire recruitment agencies to find the best-suited candidate. People can help recruiters by recommending the acquaintances with relevant skills set, work experience, and personal characteristics.

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