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Have you ever thought about how much time you spend on your smartphone? Nowadays, almost all communications have moved to the digital environment, replacing traditional live talks. Moreover, most business processes have also become entrenched in the cloud. We learn to work and live on the go because the new realities of the social and commercial spheres oblige us to move forward, dissolving users in the Web. It increases the digital literacy of the population but reduces the confidentiality of personal data. 

Analytical services everywhere monitor the actions of ordinary consumers: in the browser, in apps, but it is not enough for them because even personal correspondence is under the close supervision of corporations now. Anonymity? Freedom of communication? Nothing of the kind. They would have to monetize the next “breakthrough” service.  

In the 21st century, the issue of security in the digital world has become especially acute. Of course, you can give up the Internet, leave your city, and build a hut in the forest, isolating yourself from society and technologies. Have you imagined the prospect? Okay, I won’t exaggerate, there is a more logical way out of this situation. Which? I’ll tell you now.

Confidentiality: How to Protect Yourself from Surveillance

For some time, I have been diligently looking for the best way out of this situation. Still, most of the solutions I have found do not provide the required anonymity, or, on the contrary, they collect personal data and then share it with corporations. It applies to the most seemingly harmless messengers as well. Even Telegram’s “end-to-end encryption” does not solve the task at 100%. I would rather not say anything about Viber and Whatsapp because their protection is quite primitive. It rather simplifies access to other people’s information than hides it. 

Having evaluated the potential of modern products, I did not find an ideal solution. But there is one messenger that won me over. Its name is Cefion. Although the promised functionality caused my skeptical grin, I could not pass by, so I installed it on my smartphone. Looking ahead, I will say that I still use it and do not plan to reject it.

Anonymity, simplicity, and blockchain

Cefion is love at first sight. The first thing we see at launch is its friendly interface and stylish design. The intuitive controls are discreet but look modern. The logic of each block and field is thought out to the smallest detail. It is pleasant to work in it, and mastering all functions takes a few minutes. 

As for the app’s capabilities, here I will focus only on the key tools. You must have been familiar with the rest of the features from other similar apps. Also, I don’t want to spoil your first impression.

So, the basic functionality of Cefion is built around a chat system, communities, and news channels. The program does not collect user data, so you are free to choose how much information to reveal in your profile.

Chats have a standard set of actions: correspondence, sending media, and sharing files. It is possible to pin important contacts in the priority list, create communities, and join news channels. With the decentralized blockchain technology, messages are encrypted only by the sender and the recipient (or personally on devices of the conversation participants). The written text and embedded content cannot be intercepted and decrypted by third parties, making Cefion the best anonymous messenger in 2021. 

Would you like to see it too? Install the app on your smartphone and plunge into the world of anonymous communication without surveillance and privacy threats. Join the progressive generation of digital users with Cefion messenger!

Especially for you, I will leave a link to the community https://t.me/cefion
it is international and has already collected over 150k users in a month.