Celebrating Enzyme’s First Milestone!

By: Jesse Abramowitz
Blockchain Developer

We at BlockX Labs have been working very hard at completing version 1 of Enzyme. About a month ago, it was announced that we became recipients for a grant from the Web3 Foundation to build Enzyme for Polkadot.

If that paragraph was confusing, that is okay; let’s break it down.

Web3 Foundation

Founded by Dr Gavin Wood and Peter Czaban, the Web3 foundation’s goal is to help support the move from our current web2 world into web3.


Polkadot is a new blockchain being built by both Parity technologies and the Web3 Foundation. It aims to solve scalability both horizontally and vertically. One of the most exciting aspects of Polkadot is Substrate: a framework to create sidechains on Polkadot known as parachains. These parachains through the help of Polkadot will be able to talk to each other and pass information.


This brings us to Enzyme. When we first found out about Polkadot we first thought: where do we sign up? For so many reasons we feel very strongly about Polkadot and how it will change the web.

Firstly, it is built by an amazing team. Parity technologies have been around the blockchain space forever and have been integral in building up Ethereum (including their founder being a co-founder of Ethereum). I can’t tell you how many of their tools I have personally used in my development.

Secondly, the platform is done very thoughtfully from an area of understanding the current problems of blockchains and how they can be improved. For example, a lot of time has been put into governance models which has been a huge pain point and learning opportunity.

Finally, the more we look into it the more we get impressed with the quality of the code and the surrounding developer community.

This is why we proposed to build a Chrome Extension DApp wallet for Polkadot and we are happy to announce that a month after starting our first milestone has been completed and accepted. The code can be found here.

For the moment, here’s a taste of what it looks like:

Enzyme Beta Screen: May look different in final iteration.

This current milestone includes:

  • Extension Setup
  • Wallet Creation
  • Wallet import using seed phrase
  • Showing Account Balance

The next milestone which we are already a portion of the way through includes:

  • Receive update when the transaction completes
  • Receive transaction details
  • Switch between multiple networks
  • Final Testing
  • Integration testing
  • Internal Beta Launch
  • Beta Launch
  • Website Launch

The future of Enzyme may see neat features such as:

  • Multiple accounts
  • DApp interaction
  • Bonding
  • Nominating
  • Hardware wallet integration


Substrate and Polkadot envision an amazing future of multiple blockchains all talking and coordinating with each other. For this to take place, the tooling has to be there first. Our hopes for Enzyme is to grow with the polkadot community helping onboard developers and users as seamlessly as possible.


Jesse Abramowitz is a Blockchain Developer at BlockX Labs. He has worked on multiple DApps, projects, and Blockchain Networks. Currently, he is also a professor at George Brown College in Toronto. He is always looking to help, teach and build on the blockchain. You can reach him at: [email protected]

BlockX Labs specializes in building developer tools and solutions for blockchain ecosystems.We aim to sift through the noise to bring some sense and clarity into the Blockchain space. Our accomplishments include AIWA — a wallet and DApp interaction tool for the Aion Network, and Universal Faucet — a test token faucet for Ethereum, Aion, and Tron.

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