CoinePro: An In-depth Platform Review

The financial market has evolved over the years. As a result, there has been a significant influx of traders coming into the market and many others who are still planning to begin the journey.

To create space for intending investors or traders to enter the industry, more exchanges and trading platforms are launching every day. But, with the growing numbers of exchanges and trading platforms, many traders find it hard to choose one that suits their needs. 

The reason is not far-fetched. Traders often have to trade-off between getting access to as many markets as possible, advanced trading tools, enjoying advanced security, and prompt customer support.

In this review, reliable information will be given about CoinePro and why it may be best to trade on the platform.

CoinePro Overview

CoinePro is a trading platform created to provide an efficient, convenient, and stress-free trading experience to its users. Traders can buy and sell crypto, currencies, and other financial instruments. Additionally, CoinePro is a regulated trading platform providing a guarantee for the safety of funds with the broker.

Professional trading experts created the platform with vast knowledge and experience in the financial market. With the understanding of the developers, traders can be convinced that they offer the best services.

With many investors also looking to get exposure to cryptocurrencies, CoinePro primarily fills this need and aims to give users the best crypto trading experience. 

Traders using CoinePro enjoy a high level of security, easy access to the platform, the excellent customer support that runs 24 hours daily and five days a week, and strong educational support. Intending traders and investors can rest assured of the same when they trade on the platform.

Financial Instruments

You can trade many financial instruments on CoinePro. From the best minds in the industry, it is believed that when traders are allowed to choose between financial instruments they want to trade, it will help maximize their profit. This is precisely what is doing. Traders don’t need to be stuck with trading the same asset or not diversifying their portfolio to match market trends.


The Forex market is the most liquid in the world with trillions of dollars exchanged daily. Using CoinePro, traders can choose between the most popular currency pairs including USD/GBP, EUR/USD, etc. 

Additionally, CoinePro users can stay informed of the forex market trends, all thanks to the resource materials provided only on the platform. With these resource materials, traders can make the right decisions when it comes to an asset or a currency pair they want to trade on the platform and thereby maximize their profits.


Cryptocurrencies form an exciting emerging market and another class of financial assets that you can access on CoinePro. 

You can trade CFDs based on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other popular cryptocurrencies including  Ripple {XRP}, Litecoin {LTC}, Bitcoin Cash {BCH}, and another cryptocurrency.

The unique feature with crypto CFDs is that you do not need to hold, mine, or own any of the underlying cryptocurrencies. However, you can still speculate on their price action and profit from the right predictions.

Stock Indices

While some traders are content with only trading crypto and Forex, CoinePro offers more. You can trade stock indices CFDs of the world’s most famous companies, including Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, etc. 

Every trader, a newbie, or an experienced trader, seeks to interact with an expert or more experienced individual than them to get more insight on trading. Trading stock indices with CoinePro offers traders the opportunity to interact with experts in the field. These experts provide more insight into trading stock indices and help traders maximize their profits.


Profitability is what all traders are seeking.. CoinePro looks for opportunities to make trading more profitable, and that is why trading commodities are included in the financial instruments it offers. Trading commodities has been known for a long time as being more productive than other devices.

On the CoinePro trading platform, traders can choose to invest in different kinds of commodities such as maize, sugar, coffee, or even wheat. You can also get exposure to diamonds, oil, gold, silver, and other precious gems. 

Many traders shy away from trading metals because they are highly unstable. However, experienced investors understand that it provides the means to diversify their portfolio, as well as gives an extra protective hedge against inflation.

Multi-Platform Support

CoinePro trading platform is portrayed as one of the best. Many problems abound when it comes to choosing the best trading platform. A good trading platform must be easy to use and provide technologically advanced trading features. 

Many traders will define the best trading platform as a platform that is accessible, easy to use, and offers the best trading experience. To solve these problems, the developers of CoinePro designed it to be easy to use and with support for advanced trading technologies.

What’s more? CoinePro can be accessed through the web, Android and iOS, and Optima. In simpler terms, as long as you reside within an internet access area, you can still place and execute trades using a single account that can sync across multiple devices.

The Web Interface

The web interface is one of the best ways of accessing the CoinePro trading platform. The features are optimized, easy to navigate, and straightforward, little wonder it is the preferred interface for many traders.

The web trading platform is designed to let traders focus on nothing but trading. This it does by providing valuable information to traders at the right time, and full customization functionalities.

Android and IOS

The CoinePro app is to give Android, and IOS users access to the trading platform through their mobile phones, thus, allowing them to trade at any time, and from anywhere provided, their phones are available.

It is not uncommon for trading platforms to limit functionalities on their mobile app. With CoinePro, however, you still get just enough charts and trading tools to predict and place profitable trades.

Optima Platform

The Optima platform was designed to access the CoinePro trading platform. Traders who use Optima to access CoinePro’s platform enjoy numerous advantages. For one thing, Optima is more efficient because traders can easily navigate through its charting tools, indicators, and order type features. 

Additionally, experienced traders can choose to customize the platform’s dashboard to their satisfaction and even share their custom-trading interface with other people.

CoinePro Account Types

CoinePro provides clients and intending users with three types of accounts. These include; the Micro account, Standard account, and the Premium account. Do note that you can choose to upgrade or downgrade your account at any time, depending on your trading needs and portfolio management strategy.

The Micro Account 

The Micro account is for traders who have little or no trading experience. It is the primary account offered by CoinePro. The minimum amount that can be deposited into these accounts is $500, with the first deposit unlocking the door to many benefits.

One of the benefits of this account type is that owners of this account can trade using the Optima trading platform. Other benefits of this account also include access to an account manager. 

The account manager provides expert advice on the best strategies that can be used when trading on the platform. 200x leverage is offered to traders with this account type in a bid to enhance the confidence of a trader so that the trader can increase stakes.

As a reminder though, we only recommend leveraged trading if you have sufficient trading experience and enough capital to ply.

Micro account traders also have access to a financial calendar so that they can keep track of events that could potentially impact the prices of some instruments in the financial market. This account type also provides access to Static spread types while the minimum lot size is 0.1.

Lastly, you can view news feeds to get the latest information about the financial market. As most experienced traders would agree, getting prompt information can greatly influence the gap between winning and losing trades.

Standard Account 

The standard account is the next in the order and the most popular amongst the account types. It is designed for traders with standard knowledge of trading in the financial market. The minimum deposit for this account type is $5,000. The most attractive feature of the Standard account is that traders get a 25% bonus of their initial deposit.

Traders enjoy 300x leverage on this account type and a minimum lot size of 0.5. An account manager is provided for traders with this account type. 

Just like the Micro account manager, the Standard account manager provides the account owner with information so that the trader can make the right decisions in trading. Newsfeeds and economic calendars for different markets are also made available to traders who hold this account.

Premium Account 

The Premium account is the highest in the order of trading accounts. It is for professional traders and experts in the financial market. 400x is the leverage offered to the holders of this account with the other perks, including a senior account manager, regular market alerts, and negative balance protection.

The minimum deposit of this account type is $50,000. The juicy part of the Premium account is that traders get 50% of their first deposit for trading on the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions About CoinePro

Do I Have to Submit KYC Documents?

To ensure that there is no creation of a fake profile on the CoinePro trading platform, identity documents are required to complete registrations on the platform. A driver’s license, passport, or a national ID card are examples of the necessary material.

To ensure the location of an applicant, CoinePro requires them to submit a proof of address. This includes providing a bank statement or a utility bill that has the name of the applicant boldly written on it.

Is There a Mobile App?

The developers of CoinePro took into consideration the need to trade on the go and designed a mobile app. The app is available for both Android users as well as IOS users, unlocking a stress-free trading experience.

It is also worth mentioning that there are no trade-offs since you’ll still find on the mobile app, all the tools and support you need to make the right trade calls. 

Can I Create a Demo Account?

Yes. The use of a demo account is the easiest way for beginners to hone their trading skills. CoinePro has a demo account that users can access after creating an account on the platform. Given that CFDs are inherently risky, experts recommend that you create a live trading account, only after mastering the risks via a Demo account.


CoinePro is a trading platform that offers all traders the liberty to choose between the variety of instruments in the financial market. As we’ve covered in this in-depth review, the platform is safe, affordable, and user friendly, little wonder it has become the preferred trading venue for both new and beginner traders.