Confessions of a CMO in a Crypto Market – Hacker Noon

What a world. If you are into Blockchain then I am sure you can see the potential that it is offering. Many people are so close minded that they only watch the price of ETH and BTC. Satoshi would probably be devastated.

I graduated with a major of International Banking and Finance, so how did I end up being a CMO? Well I always loved marketing, the creativity of it at least. The way you can show the world your product or service and the way you can advertise it carries no limits, especially in the Crypto field.

I realized that this is what I want to do, and spent 2 years self-learning about marketing and the different channels that one could use. The best part about it is I realized that marketing is actually a combination of several things.

At the root of it, marketing is not so much about showing your product or getting leads. Marketing is 3 things:

1. Sales

2. Customer Service

3. Differentiation

Sales, Sales and Sales. Get your hands dirty and actually sell. Learn what the client wants by engaging them and seeing what they need, what they prefer and how you can make that happen. A marketer must know how to sell on their own.

Customer service is the essence of it all. It is your choice to get 1000 clients and lose 90% of them, or get 500 and gain 90% of them. Your client and community are the most important factor when marketing. Learn how to be there and follow up with them, how to give them better services when needed and always remember the customer is always right. Customer Service brings loyal community on board.

Differentiation is what pulls the community in the first place. You can go online and read how everyone is marketing their ICOs and try to copy them or you can differentiate and pull your own community. Don’t get me wrong, reading how to market an ICO is good, but only to understand the essentials and to help you create you own strategy. If you copy what all ICOs are doing, then by all means, you are already last in the race.

Chase your dream otherwise you will never catch it. You may fail or you may succeed, but both ways you will learn incredible knowledge. After all the hard work I am so happy and grateful to have such a great community in our ICO, my phone’s battery literally dies in 4 hours while engaging in telegram.

I am very excited for what comes next and I am prepared to take this project to the next level, I invite you all to be a part of this beautiful journey as we change the markets.


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