CopyCash Appoints Amir Eslampanah as CTO

For Immediate Release:


SINGAPORE, 9th February 2018 – CopyCash, a blockchain-based social travesting platform that disrupts and changes the way traders trade in the forex and cryptocurrency markets, announced the appointment of Amir Eslampanah as its Chief Technology Officer (“CTO”). Amir is also on the Board of Advisor for CopyCash.

The appointment comes as the company continues to invest and strengthen its social travesting and blockchain infrastructure.

Currently regarded as one of the world’s top experts in Blockchain and cryptography, Amir graduated with Honours from the Sir Robert Borden High School and he was a candidate in the University of Waterloo’s Honours Software Engineering COOP program for 2 years, where Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin was a former classmate.

Amir was the lead developer of GoldCoin (GLD) and credited as the founder of the “Golden River Mining” algorithm. He was also part of the initial group known as the “fontas btc-e pump group” that pioneered LiteCoin (LTC).

“I am honoured to be joining CopyCash as CTO at such a game changing time for the forex and cryptocurrecy markets. Working with an exceptional team and board of advisors, I am confident that CopyCash’s social travesting platform will disrupt the financial markets and further emphasize the value and impact of blockchain technology worldwide,” said Amir.

As CopyCash’s CTO, Amir will oversee the integration and development of the social travesting platform, and at the same time, explore and facilitate further architectural and development of blockchain and cryptography on the platform. He will report to Dr. Bobby Lieu, the company’s CEO.

About CopyCash

CopyCash takes social trading to new heights by empowering everyone who wishes to grow their money by trading and investing via an ecosystem that is made transparent and genuine as it is built on blockchain technology. Anyone and everyone can participate quickly and inexpensively in SOCIAL TRAVESTING – trading and investing – the CopyCash way.

CopyCash provides a transparent social trading and copytrading platform built on blockchain, where trading signals from top traders are made public. The platform is based on blockchain, completely decentralized and governed by a dedicated system of smart contracts, which promotes security and transparency. With CopyCash, everyone can leverage on the expertise of others in foreign exchange and cryptocurrencies.

CopyCash’s Board of Advisors include Lior Nabat (Social Trading) – Founder and CEO of Tradency, Mario Singh (FOREX) – Founder and CEO of Fullerton Markets and Richard Wang (Venture Capital) – Partner of Draper Dragon.

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Ms Connie Beh (Corporate Communications)
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