Crabs or Crypto Contest: A Legendary Shrimpy Showdown

Welcome Shrimpy Fam! Today marks the first day of a legendary challenge. The rules are simple and we’re giving special Shrimpy Beta access to all entries (first access to Shrimpy’s newest features). Plus an awesome prize which you can tell your grandkids about when you’re recounting tales over a crab dinner about how cryptocurrencies revolutionized the world as they stare blankly at you and ask, “Grandpa, what’s a fiat?”

So put on your competition cap or beret and continue reading.

Do you like crypto?

Yes, of course I do!

How about crabs?


I’m talking about these magnificent creatures of the sea:

I am delicious.

These two hitherto unrelated things are uniting for the first time throughout the month of July. Yes, we here at Shrimpy have a soft spot for all crustaceans and we want to share our love of this wonderful delicacy with one lucky winner. We’ll even throw in our favorite crab recipe for you.

A Shrimpy Video Competition

Throughout the month of July, we will be hosting a video competition.

The purpose of the competition is to encompass the spirit of Shrimpy. We want to continue delivering a kick-ass product and have received overwhelming requests for coins to be added, multi-exchange support, offline wallets, more historical info, and many other feature requests. In order to continue exceeding our users expectations, continue running, and rolling out new features quickly we need as many people as possible to hear about Shrimpy!

Some of the topics we are looking for include:

  • A demo or tutorial of the application.
  • An overview showing how Shrimpy fits into your overall investment strategy
  • An ad or late night infomercial
  • A hype video. Doge for reference.

As promised, it’s actually very easy to join the competition.

  1. Publish your Shrimpy inspired video to YouTube (include Shrimpy in the title)
  2. Tweet us your submission @ShrimpyApp

The video which receives the most views on YouTube by July 31 at 11:59pm PST will be crowned the winner.


The Shrimpy team loves all crustaceans — especially crab. When we saw an opportunity to share this love with our users, it was too good not to take. The result is a conflicting decision for the winner between two equally valuable, though not equally delicious, prizes.

The first and most appetizing option is two dozen live crabs (or up to $200 in value). That’s right, we will ship live crabs to your home. Congrats you now have a small crab army like you told Mrs. Butler you would during 2nd grade show and tell. Now who’s laughing Mrs. Butler??

Or y’know just invite your friends over and have a crab boil like “normal” people.

But first definitely share pics of your small crab army on Instagram to make all your friends lowkey jealous.

Alright, alright, while the sweet, sweet internet jealousy generated by your crab army or crab boil sounds appealing, the logistics may not work for you. Maybe you’re vegan. Or maybe you were scarred from watching Queen Crab and can’t be within a hundred feet of any crabs (seriously, go watch the trailer for some good laughs and a possible movie night idea).

Whatever it is, crabs don’t work for you. In that case, our second option is a good choice for you:

Simply tell us your crypto of choice and we will send you $200 worth of that asset. Market is still cheap so there could be some great values, but I can’t guarantee the crypto will taste as delicious nor generate as much internet envy from childhood friends you’ll never see again.

But, wait, there’s more! Since we know that making a video takes time, we will reward everyone who submits a video with super shiny Beta access to the Shrimpy platform. Be the first to test new features and provide feedback to our team!


Not all parts of the world are available for shipping live crabs to your doorstep. We will do our best to find availability for the winner, but we are the most familiar with shipping live crabs in the US. In the case where we cannot or don’t wish to provide live crabs (due to unfavorable circumstances), we will provide crypto in their place.

We reserve the right to select the winner. While views will be the largest factor in our decision process, we have the right to disqualify submissions if there was cheating involved, if the content of the video is not relevant to the Shrimpy application, or if the video contains illicit content.

Please remember to not include copyrighted music or footage. This can result in your video being taken down and disqualified from our contest.

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