Creating Better dApps – Hacker Noon

A lot of my focus this week has been following the Augur launch. Besides Crypto Kitties, it’s one of the few dApps that have gained some “traction” on the Ethereum blockchain. Launching a dApp is difficult. No matter what blockchain you start on, you have to deal with high fees, slow on-chain transactions, and other issues. However, that still shouldn’t prevent the founders from trying to build a good product. When a product is first launched, the idea is to create a minimal viable product. According to Wikipedia:

A minimum viable product (MVP) is a product with just enough features to satisfy early customers, and to provide feedback for future product development.

The MVP process is intended to prove out a product hypothesis with minimal resources. The key word here is minimal resources. If you do an ICO and raise $25MM+, you are expected to launch a good product. EOS raises $4B+, and people in the community think the user experience was acceptable even though multiple accounts were arbitrarily frozen and the founder attempts to change the constitution.

Does anyone remember Clinkle? They raised $25MM+ and it took 17 months to launch their “MVP”. Most of the tech community ridiculed the launch and the product. In the blockchain community, this would’ve been cheered as a success!

I hate people that complain and then don’t propose a solution. Here are some suggestions for what I expect out of a good dApp:

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