CryptoCountries: Own a Piece of the World.. On the Blockchain

CryptoCountries is the latest in blockchain-based ‘collectible games’.

The developers have taken what has been produced before in other similar ‘games’ and builds on it. With future updates already planned in the form of ‘Cities’


“Country owners will see real benefit of owning countries. Cities will also allow players and beginners to get into the world of blockchain gaming and CryptoCounties with a far lower threshold, while at the same time get to experience the fast-paced and exciting gameplay of trading collectibles”.

In addition to the ‘fast-paced’ gameplay of trading collectibles

“CryptoCountries offers players a far friendlier value increase model with the absolute lowest commissions. Compared to previous collectable games that take massive commissions on each purchase, CryptoCountries value the players and the game”

Which you can see from the comparable chart on the main website.”

From the FAQ section of the main website;

What is CryptoCountries really?

CryptoCountries is a game about conquering the world on the Blockchain and earn Ether while doing so.
Every country is represented as a Smart Contract and there is only one contract per country. Once you buy and conquer a country you take ownership of the country. The game’s interactive world map is then coloured after the last six characters of your wallet for that country. If someone buys your country, you lose ownership but earn up to double in return of investment back to your wallet.

So in short terms, it is a game that earns you Ether the more you play it.

How do I buy a Country?

Open the World Map and browse through all the available countries. As soon as you find your favourite country you want to take over, click on it to buy it. The game (dApp) will tell you what to do to complete your purchase to conquer the country. When the transaction is completed, you will be the sole owner of the country and the World Map will light up with your colour for that country.

How much is a Country?

It depends on the country and how popular it is. Since each country doubles in price after ever conquest (purchase).

Can I defend my countries and refuse to sell them?

As in most of the real world, money talks. If someone wants your country and have enough funds to buy it, they are able to. But on the upside, you will earn up to double the amount back of what you initially paid.


How it works:

Here’s all you need to know about CryptoCountries:

Every available country has one smart contract token. If you buy it, you own it, and your ownership will be visible on our interactive world map as the HEX colour of the six last characters in your wallet address.

The countries are visible on the Ethereum Blockchain as smart contracts. Meaning, they can only be acquired using Ether. Each country contract works similarly to a token or a coin and can only be owned by one individual.

You can conquer any available country on the map as long as you have the funds to support it. Anyone else can also purchase and conquer your owned countries as long as they pay you up double the amount of what you paid to conquer the country in the first place.

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