Cryptocurrency Selling Platform For Items And Physical Goods

Junktion is one of the first cryptocurrency selling platforms for your items. Junktion has a few main goals that are helping it become the best cryptocurrency selling platform online. The main goal of Junktion is to be the bridge between physical goods and digital assets. We believe that in the process of becoming that we must also fulfil these goals:

  • Spread adoption of cryptocurrency
  • Become the alternative to traditionally buying cryptocurrency
  • Create a circular economy
  • Help recycle and clean up the world

Junktion has a lot of moving parts, but this will help you understand us a little bit better, and how we can connect you with the cryptocurrency of your choice.

Junktion: The cryptocurrency marketplace for your items

In order to create a cryptocurrency marketplace for selling your items, we feel that we need to reinvent what a marketplace is to fit this digital revolution. Similar to how these digital currencies are inventing how we view traditional currency. Our cryptocurrency selling platform is designed for the average joe. We want to have everyone involved in creating our “library of things.” This ownership of items driven through blockchain technology. We think that that in order to create this marketplace it has to be a process of checking these items in and out like you would a library book. We can offer you a certain amount for your item now. Then when you come back to take your exact item back you have an opportunity to buy it back at a profit. For example, if you sell your item for x and all the sudden your coins are worth 2x you can buy the item and still keep the profit.

How do you sell on our cryptocurrency platform?

You can start the selling process by clicking here.

Our vision of a cryptocurrency marketplace

The vision we have for a cryptocurrency marketplace draws from what makes cryptocurrency popular to begin with. Decentralization, speed, ease of use, public ledger, and the ability to appreciate and reward users instead of solely the corporation building the service.
 We see the future as a place that has a liquid price on items using digital currency. Meaning that you can immediately sell your items for cryptocurrency. Everything you own has a value tied to it. Currently, Junktion is building a liquidity service that will allow users to instantly turn their items into cryptocurrency. You can participate and sign up for our beta here.

Junktion will be a Dapp built on the Ethereum Blockchain

We think that connecting physical items and digital assets needs to be done on a blockchain. We want to associate all items with a unique token that is represented on the blockchain. We are building a solution that allows our users to earn cryptocurrency, and build a business on our platform.

How is Junktion helping spread the adoption of cryptocurrency?

Junktion is solving a fundamental issue most newcomers are having a hard time overcoming. People work really hard for their dollars. I understand why not everyone is ready to hand over their hard earned dollars for some new electronic cash they cannot hold.

People can earn their favortive kind of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Eos, Litecoin, Cardano, Dash, Stellar, Iota, Tron, Neo, Nano, Nem, and just about any other cryptocurrency listed on Binance.

Junktion is the alternative to buying cryptocurrency legitimately

Selling your items for a cool new cryptocurrency investment is a great low risk alternative to traditionally purchasing it. We feel that the alternatives to buying cryptocurrency are going to be some of the largest forces of adoption in the industry.
 Recently, one of these types of startups sold for over a $100 million USD to Coinbase. This startup was 
 I think everyone in the space can agree that adoption is a good thing. We are looking for partners who want to share their coin or crypto collectable to our customers as well. 
 We want you to contribute to Junktion in any way possible. Even leaving your email on the site is a huge help to us. We have an affiliate program if you are interested in sharing our message as well.

Cryptocurrency partnerships

We see a partnership as a joint effort to get something done. We want to partner with companies that want to push adoption of their coin or project. Hundreds of people come to our site a day looking to earn some extra cryptocurrency. If you would like to hand your coin out or do some type of an alternative airdrop Junktion would be a perfect fit for you. 
 We can recommend your coin or cryptocurrency project by handing it out to our customers in exchange for filling out our form or selling something to us. 
 It might look something like this

 We would love to work with any coin/project/game big or small. If you would more people to be involved in your project exposing it to people who are looking to earn free currency is a great idea. 
 If you are interested in partnering with us and giving us some type of an asset to give away we would love to set something up and figure something out.

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