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IT’S OVER 9000!!!

Coders and programmers are the architects, developers, and construction workers of the internet. So, it’s safe to say that familiarizing yourself with the most commonly used and popular coding languages out there can be hugely beneficial towards saving yourself money, saving your business money, earning as a part-time contractor, or earning as a full-time developer.

With e-learning courses on coding out there, you can also gift this education fairly easily and affordably. With shipping delays on physical products around the world taking place, this holiday season could be the best time ever to opt for digital gifts too. With all that in mind, you should know that The 2022 Premium Learn to Code Certification Bundle is on sale for just $11.70 during our Cyber Monday Sale. Just apply promo code CMSAVE70 at checkout to redeem your discount.

With this bundle, you or a loved one can embark on a new life with 10 courses and over 120 hours of training in HTML, JavaScript, Ruby, and more. An excellent resource for those who are looking to kickstart a lucrative coding career, and for those who want to increase their knowledge — this bundle is filled with essential and life-changing courses. 

Among those most well-reviewed, “The Complete Full-Stack JavaScript Course” has 4.4 out of five stars from students for its ability to teach Full-Stack web development using JavaScript. For those getting into the world of programming and coding, learning JavaScript is massive. This course shows you the way with coding projects using ReactJS, LoopbackJS, and other JavaScript-centric programs. You’ll learn how to set up and start new projects from scratch, create professional-looking UIs, and a lot more. 

Another hit course featured in this bundle, “Build Responsive Real World Websites with HTML5 and CSS3” teaches students modern web design by coding a real project step by step. This course makes the latest web technologies easy to understand. By the end of it, you’ll learn how to build a fully optimized site from scratch in just seven days, and you’ll learn modern and beautiful design techniques. 

Courses are taught by a variety of well-suited instructors. One example is Jonas Schmedtmann, who is a self-taught web designer and developer who paid his way through his Master’s program by designing websites on the side. He’s rated 4.7 out of five stars by students. Another instructor of courses in this bundle, Development Island is a UK-based company that innovates in the e-learning space with highly-rated tech courses serving students around the world. Development Island prides itself on taking a practical approach to teaching with experiential exercises, and on its ability to make learning fun. 

Learning should always be a good time, but especially if it’s coming in the form of a gift. If you’re looking for something original to pass to a loved one this season, then maybe skip something that requires wasteful wrapping paper, and opt for this course which is without physical presence yet with great potential for entertainment, work, and productivity. 

The 2022 Premium Learn to Code Certification Bundle is on sale for just $11.70 with code CMSAVE70 during our Cyber Monday Sale. 

The 2022 Premium Learn to Code Certification Bundle – $11.70 – See Deal