Daily Roundup – September 29, 2017

According to ABC News, International Monetary Fund head Christine Lagarde has told central bankers to not dismiss bitcoin. Lagarde went as far as to say the monetary policies of virtual currencies could “give existing currencies and monetary policy a run for their money”.

Over on Reddit, early bitcoin angel investor Roger Ver has announced a 1,000 bitcoin (roughly $4 million) bet regarding the potential hard fork related to the SegWit2x proposal. Crypto Insider has covered this story here.

According to CNBC, bitcoin exchanges have been officially recognized by the government of Japan. 11 companies are now registered as cryptocurrency exchange providers.

According to Reuters, internal customer records indicate that nine users reported being from North Korea back in 2015. BTCC claims it has never had users from North Korea.

Over on Medium, Colony co-founder Jack du Rose has indicated that tokens purchased for pre-functional products are securities under U.S. law.

Featured image via Pixabay.

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