Data Pipelines: OpenWeatherMap-Airflow [A How-To Guide]

In this article, we will learn how to develop ETL(Extract Transform Load) pipeline using Apache Airflow. Here are list of things that we will do in this article:

  • Call an API
  • Setup database
  • Setup airflow

Call an API

We will create a module

, and inside it we will create a


function which will call the API.

We will then create a directory


where we will save daily data obtained from API. We do this under


function as shown below.

Setup Database

We will create a module

, and inside it we will create a


function which will create database.

Setup Airflow

In order to use Airflow, you will have to set up Airflow first. You can see Airflow installation documentation on how to setup Airflow.

Once Airflow has been set up, we will define our dag.

Now we can run our DAG from Apache Airflow.

Complete code for this article can be found in this Github Repository.
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