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The decentralized finance (DeFi) space is currently experiencing a boom like nothing else that the crypto space has seen. Projects are seeing more adoption by the day, and the total value of assets locked in DeFi appears to be growing by the day. From those in the traditional financial space to the legacy crypto industry, both individuals and companies are lining up to take a piece of the crypto pie.

Honestly, it’s not wrong to say that this is growth at an unprecedented level. Estimates have even shown that the market could end up with over $20 billion in assets locked before the year runs to a close.

However, there is also still a lot of skepticism around space. To be fair, this skepticism is pretty grounded. Like every other aspect of the crypto space, DeFi has some inherent risk to it, and investors will need to be aware of these risks if they are to maximize their value.

Anyone who has been following the crypto industry understands that DeFi isn’t perfect. There are technical difficulties for some projects, and some have even turned out to be fraudulent. The fact that the entire crypto market is also volatile means that DeFi projects don’t especially have the stability that some investors might be looking for when checking out long-term stable assets.

Another significant challenge is the fact that DeFi projects don’t have enough liquidity. Unlike top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether, DeFi tokens don’t entirely have the same level of liquidity. However, this should improve over time as the projects grow in prominence.

Despite the challenges, however, there are some primary reasons why DeFi should be able to weather this storm and come out stronger. Below are some of the key points on why the industry is poised to keep growing.

DeFi has true value

While it is easy to compare this DeFi surge to the ICO boom of 2017, it’s worth noting that DeFi actually has value – unlike most ICOs.

Does this mean that every project in the DeFi space is great? Absolutely not. There will always be some that won’t conform. However, on the whole, there’s no doubt that the vast majority of DeFi projects are providing value to customers.

Currently, there are DeFi projects making waves in almost every aspect of the financial space. We have DeFi in lending, staking, borrowing, custody, exchanges, and even mining. All of these provide the benefit of privacy and ease of use, as long as users are committed to learning more about them.

As more DeFi projects provide value and grow to become more usable, investors will flock to them. After all, investors have shown over time that the one thing that draws them is value.

DeFi is penetrating other spaces

One of the most alluring things about DeFi projects and their developers is that they’re not resigned to the financial space. While providing financial services has always been their primary focus, DeFi projects are infiltrating other industries and bringing new users.

Take AnRKeY X, for instance. The project allows people to earn APY rewards, but it does so by letting them play competitive DeFi based games with virtual teams using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) within their gaming ecosystem crating a brand-new genre of gaming called m$ports™ (Money Sports). AnRKey X™ is the first to innovate this and soon to be the most popular DeFi-based gaming platforms available to this day. With it, users can purchase, stake, and play games with their NFTs all using their in-house $ANRX arcade coin that provides an astonishing 12 medium of exchange utility functions within their DeFi gaming ecosystem. It allows users to earn APY and NFT rewards while having fun at the same time.

With AnRKey X™, users get a healthy combination of NFT functionality, esports, and DeFi Yield Farming. It allows players to stake their tokens into gamified yield farming pool armies of popular projects like YFI/ETH pools, SNX/ETH pools, etc., thus improving the liquidity for these projects as well – and, in the larger scheme of things, the whole DeFi ecosystem.

AnRKey X™, is underpinned by Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens from Uniswap, one of the top decentralized exchanges available. Users connect their wallets to the game to stake their LP tokens in one of numerous pool armies on what they call their gDEX (Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange). Then they purchase the game’s in-house arcade coin ($ANRX) to start the game. Once in a pool army, they can play and stake different types of in-game NFTs for numerous ways to add boosts to the competing army’s aggregate APY.

AnRKey X™, solves some of the most prominent DeFi problems. It’s fun to play, and it provides the opportunity to earn APY and NFT rewards. By branching into the gaming space, it can bring more users into DeFi, add extended value to them, and also provide a stronger user base.


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