Developer’s Pack: The ONE Subscription

The ONE Subscription is a new service which offers thousands of pre-made products for websites building such as HTML templates and WordPress themes. The ONE will provide you with literally everything one could possibly imagine for building websites. Moreover, this subscription is a pretty profitable service for the developers who build plenty of various websites and at the same time have to stay on a budget and do not want to to purchase all the items they need separately.

So now let’s explore all the cons and pros of the ONE Subscription in order to help you finally decide if this service is good enough for you or not.

What Exactly Is the ONE and Why You Might Need It?

The ONE is a subscription service which offers over 8,500 various items for creating a countless amount of websites for a pretty affordable price. So basically, the subscription has only one pricing plan — an annual subscription. The ONE will cost you $229, which is only $19 per month.

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This subscription service opens the access to an enormously large quantity of plugins, templates, graphics, and many more. If that wasn’t enough, you will be provided with regular updates, an unlimited number of installations, and a pretty useful professional 24/7 support team, that will always help you out, if you have any questions or problems with the service.

Those users who are not satisfied with the ONE subscription service can cancel it within the 14 days after the date of their purchase and get a full money refund. However, note the fact that you will only be able to get your money back, if you haven’t downloaded any ONE Subscription items yet.

Talking about money a little bit more, TemplateMonster has a secure payments policy. In other words, you do not have to worry about the safety of your money transactions, the company only uses the services of such secure finance companies as Mastercard, Visa, and PayPal.

Support & Services

If you have any kind of problems while installing the items from the ONE subscription service, you can always ask for some piece of advice from their 24/7 support team, whether it’s 2 a.m. or 2 p.m. they will always help you out. Moreover, before purchasing the ONE b you can also consider all the advantages and disadvantages of this subscription service in their Pre-Sales Chat as well as on their official Facebook page.

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The ONE service itself is provided with a plenty of useful services including Hosting Services, Installation Services, Extra Customization, and SEO Optimization. To be more accurate, Hosting Services will deal with all your hosting issues, Installation Services will help with the items installation process as well as setting up the extensions, Extra Customization aims to match all your needs and wishes, and last but not least, SEO Optimization will upgrade the traffic of your website.

Who is the ONE Subscription for?

The ONE is no doubt an excellent service, but I daresay that it might not be equally useful for everybody. In other words, if some of your friends benefit from this subscription, it does not necessarily mean than you will benefit from it too.

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Well, to start with let’s define the ONE subscription’s target audience and what is more important — who will benefit from it the most? So here is the list of the potential groups of people who, in my opinion, will make the most out of the ONE :

  • Website developers who have the necessity of having a wide choice of pre-made templates and themes for both their new projects and already existing websites;
  • Bloggers who need professional WordPress themes or HTML templates for their blogs;
  • Web designers who need a vast variety of pre-made professionally-designed WordPress themes and HTML templates for their projects;
  • Merchants who need to place high resolution pictures on their companies’ websites;
  • Entrepreneurs who need professional and at the same time fancy websites for their startups and businesses;
  • Illustrators and Graphic designers who have the necessity to obtain more fonts, styles, etc.

I daresay that these groups of people will definitely benefit from the ONE service the most. At the same time, I certainly cannot claim that those people who do not belong to the groups mentioned above will not benefit from the ONE Subscription. All in all, pretty much all the people who work with the internet and create the content for it will 99.9% benefit from this very service.

How Much Will the ONE Cost Me?

The ONE offers just one pricing plan. However, I can say that this plan is very affordable and costs less than most of the pricing plans of other similar companies. Annual subscription costs only $229 or $19 per month. Pretty fair pricing policy, isn’t it?

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What Exactly Will the ONE Subscription Open the Access To?

Now when we have already set up all the costs, it is the high time to figure out what the subscription will actually provide you with. Well, here is the precise list of all the items the ONE subscription offers:

  • 1,040 WordPress themes;
  • 2,128 Ecommerce;
  • 41 Plugins;
  • 3,198 Graphics;
  • 1,855 HTML Templates;
  • 14 Presentation Templates;
  • 1,455 CMS Templates.

Obviously, it is not everything that the service will provide you with. The ONE Subscription will send you regular updates which you will get basically every month. So the choice of the items provided by the subscription is actually tremendous which means that you will definitely find everything you need for creating a website of your dreams. Moreover, finding the very item that matches your needs certainly would not be an issue, since the ONE’s library is user-friendly and super easy to navigate.

What about the ONE License?

The license of the ONE is clear and does not have any hidden tricks. The subscription has a yearly licence that can be used on an unlimited number of installations. That being said, you will be able to install any item multiple times and on the unlimited quantity of domains.

With the ONE yearly license you are able to use all the products offered in the subscription for creating websites both for the end-users and yourself. You have to note the fact that you will be able to use all the items you purchased only having an active subscription. In other words, you will not have the access to the ONE subscription products when your subscription expires. However, all the websites that you have already built using the ONE products will continue to work even though your subscription is already expired.

Another crucial detail about the ONE service is you should give your end-product which has the products from the ONE Subscription to the end-user before the expiration of your license, otherwise you would violate their license policy.

And surely, you have a right to prolong your ONE Subscription and keep utilizing all the items provided by this subscription in your future projects.

So here are some serious the ONE Subscription’s license violations that you want to avoid:

  • using the ONE items after your license has been expired;
  • sharing and distributing the items provided by the ONE Subscription;
  • reselling the products and items;
  • claiming your rights for any kind of products of the ONE Subscription.

The User Experience of the ONE

As always, the products provided are super easy to use. That being said, you can literally download and then install any template or theme just in one click. Installation and customization of the of the products of the ONE Subscription is actually very easy and doesn’t take much time. Moreover, if you have any kind of problems while installing the items, you can contact their excellent support team at any time.

The ONE Subscription’s library that holds all the items is quite simple to utilize, since you can sort the products in line with the different criteria in order to find the items you want faster.

The ONE service is user-friendly and easy to get to the bottom of. You just pick the item you like from the library, download a zip archive, retrieve the files from that archive, and, with the help of the clear documentation that every template or theme has, install the chosen theme or template on your website.

All the WordPress themes and HTML templates within the ONE Subscription are quite easy to customize, and in case you have any problems with it, you can contact their 24/7 support team.

What about the Updates?

Once you finally bought the ONE, you get the access to literally thousands of various items for website building, but of course, that’s not it yet. You will receive regular updates that include different new themes, templates, and items every month. Another perk that the ONE Subscription offers is receiving the updates for your already existing websites even after the expiration of your license.

Final Thoughts about the ONE

The ONE has actually impressed me. At the beginning, I honestly could not believe in the fact that a contemporary company can give you so much for such a small amount of money. Just imagine, only for $19 per month you will get the access to the vast variety of high quality website building products.

Being a blogger, I know perfectly well how crucial it is to have your own professional blog. I know as well how much money launching a decent blog takes. The ONE provides you with a great opportunity to build a nice and neat blog and what is more important — a cheap blog.

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I do think that the ONE is also the best option for the web developers who need a wide range of website design options. The ONE Subscription will be quite useful for the entrepreneurs who transfer their businesses online as well. In general, the ONE will be pretty beneficial for all the individuals whose work (or maybe even hobbies) is connected with the internet. And certainly, the ONE is the choice of all the intelligent people who need a decent product for an affordable price.

The only issue about the ONE Subscription that actually concerns me is the fact I will not be able to use the items from the subscription after its expiration. However, the good news is that I can always prolong my ONE Subscription and continue experiencing all the benefits it can provide me with. In any case, the ONE is perhaps the best service of its kind so far.

So to Sum Up, Let’s Define all the ONE’s Cons and Pros


  • a tremendous choice of WordPress themes;
  • all the necessary plugins are included;
  • a vast variety of HTML templates;
  • thousands of different items for website building;
  • user-friendly;
  • unlimited yearly license;
  • your end-products will continue to work properly even after the expiration of your subscription;
  • and last but not least, affordable price.


  • you wouldn’t be able to utilize the purchased products after your license expiration.

I tried to review the ONE as careful as possible and now I can say my conclusion. I can surely recommend the ONE to everybody who needs a wide variety of WordPress themes, HTML templates as well as lots of visual content, graphics, and powerful plugins for a pretty reasonable price. This subscription literally has everything you may need for building a website, is user-friendly, and cheap.

What about you? Do you use any subscription in your work?

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