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A study by the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance recently revealed that there are over 100 million crypto participants worldwide. This revelation is indicative of the crypto market’s growing attractiveness to investors interested in taking advantage of the inflation hedging capacity of Bitcoin and the profitability of DeFi tokens. The digital asset market has established itself as one of the best performing asset classes in 2020. And for this reason, I expect more investors to flock into the space.

However, this does not mean that the crypto market is completely free from risks. In contrast, its nascent nature makes it susceptible to wild price swings and manipulations. Just as it is highly profitable to invest in crypto assets, the risks involved are also on the high side. Although the volatility of the value of digital assets, particularly those with small market caps, offers investors and traders remarkable profits, it also puts their investments in great peril. Hence, it is advisable to come up with a viable strategy and effective portfolio diversification technique to reduce risks and guarantee returns.

Alternatively, you can capitalize on market inefficiencies of the crypto landscape through arbitrage trading. Another effect of the nascency of the crypto market is that the prices of digital assets almost always vary across multiple exchanges. Therefore, exploiting such discrepancies by buying a coin at a cheaper rate on one exchange and selling it at a slightly higher price on another is a less risky strategy. To achieve this, one must adopt high-frequency trading tools that will quickly recognize price discrepancies and initiate orders on multiple exchanges at a blistering pace. Without this, it is impossible to take advantage of market inefficiencies.

As such, it comes as no surprise that more firms are working relentlessly to develop systems and algorithms that can cope with the fast-paced nature of the crypto market and help traders make significant profits from arbitrage trading. One such firm is CFX Quantum, a finance and crypto-focused project that is integrating quantum computing to capture and exploit market inefficiencies across several exchanges. The platform, through its Q-HATS and ZEROONE implementations, has found a way to generate crypto profit at low risk.

I recently reached out to the CEO of CFX Quantum, Marco Mottana, to fully grasp the business and technical principles of the company’s offerings as well as the benefits that come with them. During the interview, we also touched on some of the mainstays of the crypto investment terrain.

Andrey Sergeenkov: Thank you for agreeing to discuss pressing issues relating to crypto investment and some of the details about your project. Can you tell us about your experience as a financial analyst and how it has helped you in your quest to introduce and develop CFX Quantum?

Marco Mottana: I have been actively involved with the financial landscape since 1987, and I have leaned on all the experience garnered since then to create a risk-free investment product for investors. I am pleased to announce that the culmination of this time and resource-intensive project is CFX Quantum. My team and I have identified some of the most viable investing techniques and developed technologies that can optimize these techniques to diminish the risks involved.

Andrey Sergeenkov: From your point of view, is crypto investment a viable profit-generating endeavor suitable to risk averse investors?

Marco Mottana: I think the numbers say it all. Digital assets have outperformed a majority of asset classes in the past year. So, the question is not if the crypto market is profitable. The bone of contention is that risks almost always trail these investments. However, from what I have discovered since I started to engage with the crypto market, it is possible to negate the risks commonly associated with the volatile crypto terrain with the right strategies and technologies.

Andrey Sergeenkov: Has CFX Quantum found a balance between profitability and risk?

Marco Mottana: Yes, we most certainly have developed a quality approach to crypto investing. The idea is to generate fixed earnings for our clients while reducing risks to the barest minimum. Although this may seem straightforward at first, it entails several complex systems to cope with the varying volatility of various asset classes and, at the same time, protect investors. For now, we are focusing on the crypto market, and we have handpicked arbitrage trading as a suitable investing technique.

Andrey Sergeenkov: Can you give us more detailed information on the technical intricacies of CFX Quantum?

Marco Mottana: The core technology powering our offering is Q-HATs, which is the short form of Quantum Highly Advanced Trading System. This technology uses a pre-quantum computing chip to calculate the risks and rewards of various algo systems created by our team and other traders. This advancement is possible, thanks to the success of Fujitsu in pre-Quantum developments in the form of its Digital Annealer. Fujitsu Digital Annealer provides benefits of quantum computing that allows CFX Quantum to isolate arbitrage-trading opportunities and profit off them in record time. With this, we can deliver a sustainable investment cycle and, as well, eliminate risks.

Andrey Sergeenkov: How has this technology helped you develop ZEROONE, which is central to CFX Quantum’s investment solution?

Marco Mottana: ZEROONE is our investment solution that promises the barest minimum of risks to our investors with a fixed 1% monthly income. The idea is to use Q-HATS technology to engage in intense arbitrage trading and capitalize on market inefficiencies, which is a common occurrence in the crypto market. This solution is different from others utilizing similar investing techniques because we have adopted a pre-quantum chip that promises remarkable results.

Andrey Sergeenkov: Are you sure that this offering has absolute zero risks?

Marco Mottana: You and I know that it is impossible to deliver absolute zero risks when involved with even the most stable asset classes. What we strive to achieve is the elimination of risks to the barest minimum. Hence, we are relying on the certainty of a supercomputer, working with trusted crypto exchanges, and opting for cold storage systems.

Andrey Sergeenkov: The CFX Wallet is one more product that makes up your ecosystem. Tell us more about this tool?

Marco Mottana: The unique thing about CFX Wallet is that it comes with exchange integration that allows users to buy, store, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies at the press of a button. Its design, which includes a fingerprint scanner and an improved key storage system, provides added security features that make CFX Wallet more resilient to attacks.

Andrey Sergeenkov: What about the CFXQ token? How does this token play into CFX Quantum’s goals?

Marco Mottana: The CFQX token is vital to our ecosystem because it powers the economic aspect of our offerings and allows investors to access rewards and other affiliate implementations. With it, our users can access discounts on trading and performance fees, pay for selected products on partner platforms, and participate in the creation of CFX Quantum’s sentiment index. Therefore, CFXQ token is poised to empower our users and help them access topnotch investment services and tools. 

Andrey Sergeenkov: When should we expect CFX Quantum to go live?

Marco Mottana: We plan to launch the platform officially as soon as our IEO crowdsale comes to close on LA TOKEN’s launchpad. Likewise, the CFXQ token will start listing on the same crypto exchange at around the same time. A similar launch date applies to our CFX Wallet.

Andrey Sergeenkov: What are your expectations for the crypto market in the next couple of years?

Marco Mottana: I believe that the crypto market is here to stay. And in the next couple of years, expect more investors to embrace the high-yielding power of crypto assets. Once the crypto market becomes mainstream, we will see fewer cases of manipulations and other challenges currently limiting growth.


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