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June 11th 2020

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I , Stepanov Sergey Mikhailovich , was born on 1960 in Karelia Autonomous Republic ( this is be


Digital Key in Primary Music Education

It is well-known the difficulties in perception of any information, including musical one, cause strain of the main functional systems in the child’s body. Statistics and practice show that period of learning with standard music grammar is pulled for several years. At early stage of learning up to thirty percent of children lose their interest to the music subject and leave study. This situation is explained by the excessive load arising at the first contact of the child with a complex format learning the piano.

In order to protect the health of parents and children in response to COVID -19 our  Neuromusic Lab proposes to replace face-to-face music training with distance deep learning.We would like to share a technological resource that can both reduce the risk of severe disease and simplify the methods of initial music training. 

Numeric Cognition    

3345. 5432. 1123. 3020. 3345. 5432. 1123. 2010.  Ode to Joy Ludvig van Bethoven 

3330. 3330. 3512. 3000. 4444. 4333. 3223. 2050. 3330. 3330. 3512. 3000. 4444. 4333. 3554. 2010.  Jingle Bells  

Formatted lessons give an equally valuable positive result, regardless of the platform, both interactive and online lesson.

The above should not be understood as a rejection of generally accepted music teaching  in the classrooms but to protect the health of children and adolescents, online learning technology will be effective and successful. 

The future of effective learning is combined with pattern recognition technology. Digital Key Technology is designed to deepen our understanding of cognitive abilities and improve the child’s memory capabilities.

The Project ” Reflection ” is aimed at studying the somatosensory integration of nerve signals in the main functional systems of the child’s organism : the central nervous system, auditory , muscular , visual , using electrophysiology measurement techniques – ENG, EMG, EEG, Audiometry.

Method EEG allows to research the difference of the integrated synaptic signals , to make the comparative diagrams of dynamics of initiated spikes while perception music characters and digital patterns, plus the time of fatigue of synaptic structures and cells – neurons of cortex is determined .

Method  ENG – EMG completes one another, joints the visual analyzer with the neuro-motor function of fingers  and proves , from scientific point of view , the development of muscular fatigue in hands depending on the quantity of eyeballs’ fluctuations.

Method Audiometry allows to research the increment of sensitivity to the functional sounds ( pure-tone ,high – low pitched, brain waves, beta range) plus the behavioral audiometry. 

Innovative technology raises the topic of the use of the Digital Key in Primary Music Education and the Music Industry.  

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I , Stepanov Sergey Mikhailovich , was born on 1960 in Karelia Autonomous Republic ( this is be


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