Don’t Believe Everything About Agile

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Why you shouldn’t follow all these things

Calm down.

I’m an Agile enthusiast.

And like me, there are a million people with a little to say about it.

Well, it’s because:

  • Agile is not just Scrum, but a much larger universe.
  • Agile is now in many areas, not just IT.
  • Agile is not a recipe or something.

So, came this wonderful ocean of shared knowledge. It’s really, really great.

The problem is: if you’re not careful, you could end up fishing for shoes.

I don’t like to relativize truth, but here results can vary with the same way. So, you need to know how to select what is best for you. This is definitely half won.

The flip side is that you ignore ignorance.

For example…

I found a pearl of wisdom from an old article of the official Astah blog. In preparation for the “Agile adoption in Japan and Nonaka’s Scrum” talk at Agile India 2013, the author did a search for “Agile” in Google Trends:

This result led him to some conclusions about Agile adoption in Brazil, which “has soared since 2009” after an “Agile breakout”, a boom:

The leap of Brazil (and also Argentina) can be explained by the fact that they have almost the same timezone as US, UK and European developed countries. Brazil takes advantage of the timezone to talk to their customers in real-time via telephone, Skype and other online conference tools. Companies like Ci&T in Brazil have actively and strategically been using Agile to support US companies’ Lean IT outsourcing as their business.

The problem is the car.

The one was launched in Brazil by Chevrolet in 2009 and was called Agile.

I mean… Conclusions about Agile aren’t always based on true premises.

Ok, that’s not fair. It’s been a long time and despite the trick, the time zone is really an advantage for the growing Brazilian software outsourcing. Even I work at an Brazilian company whose main client is in Malta, Europe.

But it’s an example of how much is said about it and little is mastered.

Not long ago I went to a lecture by experts who showed some fallacies:
  1. Agile is just a process.
  2. With Agile we don’t need to document.
  3. I apply Scrum, so I’m Agile.
  4. PO doesn’t participate in a retrospective.
  5. Self-organization is a mess. Developers do what they want.
  6. Being Agile means NOT following a plan.
  7. Estimation is “acurate”.
  8. Agile doesn’t work with distributed teams.
  9. Place the best in the same team, the result is a consequence.
  10. MVP is a complete delivery.
  11. Agile methodology doesn’t work with deadlines.
  12. Let’s wait for the right moment.
  13. It’s the cure for all your problems.
I currently work with one of these specialists, Fabio Almeida. Each day, I’m more trained to retain what’s good in this matter. But that is only after hearing many useless and contradictory things about Agile.

So, if I can contribute something in this ocean, it’s a bottle with a note:

 — Careful where you surf.

(To start, be careful with that here too.)

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