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During a recent video livestream, GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb indicated that Electronic Arts (EA) would unveil “an established IP” revival during EA Play on July 22, and signs point to this being a long-awaited return for the Dead Space series (h/t VGC.com).

Previously in March, Grubb stated that EA’s Motive Studios was developing “an established IP” revival and noted, “I think you’ll be happy.”

As to why it’s believed this game is Dead Space, he said on the June 15 stream, “We’re going to see it…if we’re not dead first.”

The Dead Space franchise has been dormant since Dead Space 3 was released in February 2013 over eight years ago.

Previously, Motive Studios has worked on such EA titles as Star Wars: Battlefront II and Star Wars: Squadrons.

The original Dead Space series was developed by Visceral Games. Sadly, Visceral Games was shut down in 2017 after working on a then-planned Star Wars game that would be directed by Amy Hennig. That Star Wars project was later cancelled as well.

EA Suspected to Announce Dead Space Revival at EA Play in July

Meanwhile, Dead Space creator and Sledgehammer Games founder Glen Schofield is currently working on a new horror-action game IP called The Callisto Protocol, which is being developed by Schofield’s Striking Distance Studios and will be published by Krafton.

The first CG trailer was released last February for the game, which looks to be a blend of sci-fi and horror.

It’s not yet clear how a new Dead Space game would address the ending to Dead Space 3. The epilogue DLC for the game, Awakened, ended on a fairly bleak note, which likely indicated the destruction of Earth, mankind and the game’s protagonist, Isaac Clarke.

It begs the question if a new game would be a flat-out reboot, or if it would actually continue the existing series and try to give it a satisfying conclusion?

The existing IP reveal for EA Play Live 2021 is scheduled for July 22.

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