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Enough have been written about EdenChain and its technological advantages over other platforms. But I feel that most of the crypto community are missing out why you should invest in this great project. Let me help you !!

Short Introduction

We are in the era of Blockchain revolution. Being in the nascent stage Blockchain is currently plagued with a lot of issues. In order to go mainstream to have a wider acceptability, the first stage is to resolve these problems. Two of the Major problems that are roadblocking from mainstream adaption are

  • Low Security ( remember Verge, BTG hacking incidents)
  • Performance & Scalability issues ( Transaction speed — BTC 7 /sec, ETH 13/sec V/s VISA 8000/sec )

This is what EdenChainhas successfully resolved and has open the gates for the new programmable economy. In-order to overcome the above said roadblocks, EdenChain successfully combined Namespace with Merkle Tree in order to improve both security as well as scalability.

So What is EdenChain ?

As per the Whitepaper

Eden is a blockchain-based programmable economy platform that provides high-performance processing speeds which address the aforementioned technical issues. Eden has the capacity to develop a variety of automated services using smart contracts, enabling interoperability with external systems. (

Source )

In layman terms EdenChain is building a world-class platform of tomorrow,. Utilizing blockchain smart contracts, you can Tokenize anything right from a tangible asset like Agricultural products, real estate, diamonds etc to intangible assets like trademarks, patents, loyalty points etc. In simple term with the help of EdenChain, you can trade anything and everything.

So why you should own EdenChain?

Quick Disclaimer: This is not an investment advice. These are my own thoughts. Please DYOR and decide whether it’s a good investment for you or not.

Programmable Economy is the future !!

Let me give you an example from our day to day life. Take the example of agricultural products. How many of you know that a middleman makes almost 2 times profit than that the farmer who does all the hard work. Just think if we cut out the middleman, the price of the product will drop to half, Farmer will be able to gain more revenue, the community will gain. so win-win for all.

In programmable economy, both the sellers and buyers with the help of EdenChain will be able to interact directly and do the trading without the need for a middleman which creates more revenues for both parties.

This is what EdenChain is aspiring for. This will be the future

Invest in Platforms !!!

Remember the Goldrush. It was not the miners who made money, but the suppliers who supplied miners with tools and other supply made the fortune.

Same is the case for Platform (E.g Ethereum). Against the token/ coin which will be having a single use Platforms will be having more growth potential as they will be the launch pad of numerous project. A single coin has a high chance of either fail or success. But in the case of a platform that risk can be reduced as there are numerous project running and chances of failure are greatly reduced.

So when you want to invest in a stable and successful platform the below-given comparison may help you to decide why EdenChain is a good option

HelloEden: The All-in-One ICO Solution

HelloEden, will have a variety of partnership services such as:

  • KYC
  • ICO Marketing and support
  • Legal Support
  • Wallet Support and Services
  • Token Issuance
  • ICO Ratings and evaluation

In simple term HelloEden will be the One stop shop for all ICO related services

Team Background

A strong team makes a strong product. You can make a great white paper or flashy website , but when it comes to delivery you need strong teams to do so. This is what EdenChain has. EdenChain team consists of talents from Blockchain, Cloud and Big Data experience. The team has more than 50 years of experience in the field they are working

EdenChain is lead by James Ahn who is the founder and CEO. With 20 years of experience in the field of IT he is one of the most successful name in the Blockchain world .

He is supported by Jenny Ryo who is the co founder of EdenChain with experience of more than 10 years in Block chain development

You can read more about other team members here

Investors and Partnerships.

Just have a glance of the list of Investors and Partnerships EdenChain has got, you will understand EdenChain means serious business.

List of Investors

List of Partnerships


In this bear market where most of the new ICO’s are struggling to raise the capital, EdenChain had successfully completed its 100% Token sales and raised $24,000,000 under 2 minutes which shows the trust market and bestowed upon this project.

This is one of the most Ambitious Project for the year 2018 as it has all the ingredient needed for mainstream adaptation . If they are able to stick to their realistic road-map and deliver the same this project will be one of the big winners in 2018 .

To know more about EdenChain

Website: https://edenchain.io

Twitter : https://twitter.com/edenchainio

Telegram: https://t.me/edenchainio

Disclaimer: I have participated in the EdenChain tokensale. This article is not intended as investment advice. It is just my personal opinion about EdenChain. You should always do your own research and invest wisely

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