Education — A Tragedy – Hacker Noon

A poem to challenge the status quo and empower all of us

The world is changing
Faster than ever
Time is compressing
As technology speeds
Progress is staggering
Yet also unequal
But drive too fast
And we forget those we pass

Innovation is the answer
It is and always was
From fire to farming
From medicine to markets
Humanity’s had a great run
But don’t you worry
Our run is far from done

The end of civilization
Loss of reason always causes
The only question now
Is what is this season

Creativity killed the cat
A terrible saying indeed
Is innovation a thing to avoid
Science not a thing to heed
Talk about stupidity and greed

Fake news is a problem
That you already know
A bigger problem still
Is where are we to go
Our education system
Is crumbling at the seems
We teach our children nothing
But manage to quash their dreams
A factory job for you
Or maybe a coal mine
We’ll stick you in a cubicle
And make you count the time
Maybe then you’re worth it
Maybe that’s all there is
But let’s be fucking serious
We all deserve better than this

Do what you love
It’s an old cliche
But there’s more truth in it
Than anything a politician will say
The nature of work is changing
Everyone can see
But why is that a bad thing
Are cubicles so grand
In a world of connectedness
Opportunity’s in your hand

The beauty of work
Is that you can create
Gandhi said to “be the change…”
And now a future you can make
Forget what they tell
It is all a load of lies
The worst part about “good advice”
Is that they really try
But we’re all individuals
Everyone unique
Skills and interests and passions
Are things we HAVE to keep

Can we reinvent a way
To teach our children right
One without meaningless problems
Keeping them up at night
A way to performance
Not riddled with Ritalin
Something unique to them
Yet well-rounded too
Is it too much to ask
From folks like me and you

We certainly have the money
But do we have the will
Is there anything more important
It is hard to see what
But I’ll be honest
It’s all fun and games
Til we cut military spending
To build an army of brains

Thinking critically, the ability to problem solve
That’s what makes us human
So why are we starting to devolve
Feels like we’re going backwards
As technology races on
Is this all there is
Will we learn to carry on

It is becoming more divided
Politics can’t unite
Instead we’re quickly running
Towards a world without light
When did the land of freedom
Become a game of chance
Where the parents you were born to
Said if you got to learn, play and dance

Imagine a world without learning
A bleak prospect indeed
Yet imagine something still worse
A world where you’re forced to read
Books that are boring
Subjects without merit
Homework and exams with one purpose
To order us in a line
Not something relevant
No, no you see
Just picking a number
Is good enough for me
For that’s what you are
Just a number in line
The factory needs workers
Society says that’s fine
So grab your golden ticket
Just 12–16 more years
Plenty of time to learn
About suppressing tears
And then there’s the debt
It’s monopoly money they say
Until you find out
It is never going away
There’s no forgiveness
The collector’s are like sharks
There’s no escape
‘Cept a shit job in the dark
And talk about passion
It’s been purposefully killed
Dreams spayed and neutered
No chance to grow
No chance for innovation
No chance to know
What could have been
How the world could have changed
If someone had just given you a hand

Fuck this I say
Get your head out of the sand
Even an ostrich could see
This system is crippling man
Creativity and passion
Purpose and oomph
The world of tomorrow
Takes no prisoners chump
It is up to you
Society can’t try
When we come to together
Our dreams go to die
So I have a challenge
One short little thing
What is the life want
The one that would make you sing
Spontaneous excitement
Wonderous applause
I’m dancing and singing
For an important cause
What is it for you
Think hard my friend
You life is on the line

Success and happiness
They’re one in the same
They’re following your life’s purpose
And creating your own game
So if this does anything
I hope it makes you think
Is that white picket fence 
Really all you think
Or is there more in store
That I don’t know
But if you follow someone else’s path
You are sure to forgo
Everything of substance
Purpose and meaning too

I wish you luck my friend
I’d help you if I could
But the only path to greatness
Is setting out from shore
Exploring new lands
And changing as you go.

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