Ensuring Food Quality with Blockchain – Hacker Noon


We buy groceries on a weekly basis from stores near our home. We often prefer buying from popular superstores than small shops. This happens because we trust the bigger established brands more than the new entrants in the market.

The bias is logically flawed because none of the stores manufactures what it sells. They just purchase it from the distributors, add the price tag and sell it. We cannot be certain that the stock we buy is unadulterated. It is unfortunate that sometimes there is no check for the food being expired.

For example, few days ago I had purchased “Frozen Chicken Wings” from a famous store near my apartment. Upon taking a bite (after microwaving it), the meat was sticky. I had to throw the whole dish. I should consider myself really lucky that the food did not damage my health.

Consuming food with synthetic substances and preservatives is unhealthy. Such food will damage your immune system and make you vulnerable. Consumption of such commodities over a long period of time can have an impact on the children of the next generation.

In this article, I intend to solve this problem.

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