Ever Wondered Which Industry Blockchain Will Transform Next? The Answer May Be Modeling

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When faced with a powerful new technology, industry is forced to adapt. Radio forever changed marketing and the internet forever changed retail. Now, blockchain is forcing companies to reexamine why and how they do things. Everybody from big banks to social media companies are re-examining their tech and business models in an attempt to see how the revolutionary technology of blockchain can better help them get done whatever it is they need to get done.

In CRYSTALS’ case, the answer is challenging the traditional top agencies for primacy in the modeling industry. And their answer may not be the first thing you would think of when you think of blockchain innovation: a social network.

But not just any social network — a social network where models can advertise their services to clients, where clients can purchase those services, and users can build a reputation as a vendor and customer. All of this would be taking place within the transparent, secure, and decentralized space of blockchain.


Utilizing a secure Ethereum Based Networks, CRYSTALS’ CRS Token will allow models and clients to interact in an ideal system for the advertising and booking of services. Every model participating must first go through a verification process, ensuring vetted and trustworthy users. These models can then be searches and interact directly with potential clients, creating a global social network of relationships and reputation. This system would make the process of models finding clients and vice versa easier, cheaper, and more secure.

An added component for security and global access is CRYSTALS native coin, the CRS Token. CRS Tokens will be the currency that allows companies to book models, which in turn are only finally transferred after a smartphone app confirms that the job has been done to mutual satisfaction. This avoids the common plagues of the industries and agencies that include fraud and underpayment by client and model alike.

By utilizing cryptocurrencies, clients can reduce their reliance on the top agencies and the cost of payment to book the models that they want. Models too can avoid the often unpleasant process of auditioning for agencies, as well as competing for representation and resources in a cutthroat environment. By expanding the potential market for buyers and sellers to the international level, CRYSTALS and CRS Token may very well revolutionize the market for everybody.

Why CRYSTALS Matters

There are many reasons why modeling is ripe for the blockchain revolution. Clients often spend far too much time and money trying to locate the appropriate models. Even worse, without a verified system that rewards past service and reputation or much competition, agencies can become bloated and unable to respond to clients’ and models’ needs.

The system is currently dictated by the middlemen, a feature which inflates the cost of models with fees and commission. A decentralized system that would allow clients to interact directly with models would be the ideal solution- and CRYSTALS believes they have it.

CRYSTALS’ potential as a the future of modeling is sizeable- and its being recognized by investors already. CRYSTALS fundraising is underway and it has already recruited top talent from both the tech and modeling world.

CRYSTALS mission mirrors that of the original innovators of blockchain — to increase efficiency and global integration by reducing the traditional barriers to international trade and commerce. By introducing its own social network and facilitating trade with its own currency, CRYSTALS may very well accomplish a feat of global engagement of startling proportions.

With serious and enthusiastic backing by enthusiastic investors and its first listing on a major exchange, the trajectory of CRYSTALS seems to only be up.

Whether or not it will successfully realize its mission is yet to be determined, but one thing is sure: CRYSTALS is one of the most exciting new players on the blockchain playing field today.

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