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As organizations grow, their needs grow. From increased budgets to the demand of hiring more resources, even the training needs of organizations grow with their size. For larger organizations, simply training employees is not enough. Larger organizations or enterprises need to engage a number of other stakeholders that may not be a direct part of the organization.

These external partners are usually known as an extended enterprise. Training an extended enterprise can mean extending your training resources to be used by vendors, customers, consultants, outsourcing partners, etc. So why would you train all these people that are not even a part of your organization?

Let’s find out below.

Benefits Of Extended Enterprise Training

Training the extended enterprise of your organization is extremely beneficial.

Some of the benefits are:

● Improved efficiency of business process: As organizations grow, multiple internal departments start working with external partners like vendors and consultants. When these professionals receive the same training as your employees, the chances of them being on the same page improve dramatically. When both your internal resources and external partners are trained in the same processes, they can function with better coherence.

● Easier to build a strong brand identity: When every person associated with your brand, be it an employee or a distributor, is trained in the same way, your customers and prospects are treated to a consistent brand experience across all customer touch points. This consistent experience can go a long way in building a strong and memorable brand identity.

● Turn customers into advocates: Besides the positive experiences that customers will have, thanks to training the extended enterprise, another way to provide them with a positive experience is by training them. With training, you are enabling your customers to take full advantage of your awesome offering. In other words, with customer training, you are investing in the success of the customer and it’s not difficult to imagine why a customer would appreciate the same and would be motivated to refer others to your brand.

These were just some of the many benefits of extended enterprise training. However, in order to enjoy these benefits, it is important to perfect the planning and execution of your extended enterprise
training efforts.

In any business undertaking the importance of understanding your audience cannot be overstated. In the case of extended enterprise training, understanding your audience will enable you to develop the right kind of training material and to choose a training software that is suited to your audiences’ technical proficiency and preferences.

For instance, if you are looking for an employee training management software, you should choose one that your employees don’t have to learn to use before they can start their actual training.

Find ways to measure performance

Tracking and analyzing the results of training is not a challenge anymore, thanks to modern learning management systems and their tracking and reporting features.

It is important for organizations to extend their tracking of training effectiveness to their extended enterprise training efforts. This is important to ensure you are getting the results you expect from training external partners.

Communicate effectively

Communication is crucial to the success of any training undertaking and extended enterprise training is no exception. By clearly and effectively communicating the learning outcomes of your training initiatives, along with their benefits to the learners, you will be able to ensure the right kind of participation from your learners.

Without this level of participation, you may find that disinterested learners don’t comprehend or retain much of the information taught to them.


Engaging learners with training can be a challenge, especially if the learners are not on your payroll. However, with the right processes and effective communication, your business can also enjoy the benefits associated with extended enterprise training.


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