Facebook Insights Tool: How to Get the Perfect Target Audience

Facebook is the uncrowned king of the social media platform containing the largest audience than any other social media channels. Nonetheless, many newbie entrepreneurs and juvenile online sellers do not consider this platform more than an interfacing channel.

The online marketing experts would agree with me that Facebook is more than an interfacing channel – it is a gold mine of data, which can help anyone to achieve the most relevant audience for their business.

Facebook also offers multiple tools to extract valuable information from its data mine, and the most prominent tool is the Facebook Audience Insights.

I have been associated with the ecommerce industry for quite some time now, and honestly, I have never come across the more potential and useful tool to get the most accurate traffic than this tool.

Even the newbie marketer can quickly get the relevant information by learning some tricks and hacks of using Facebook Insights, but before that let’s understand what it is actually because most people mix up audience insights with page insights.

The page insight is the stats of the engagement on your page that reports likes, comments, and shares.

The audience insights provide information about the behavior of the audience who are connected with page and active in last month.

Why Facebook Audience Insights Tool is Effective?

It provides complete access to information related to your audience with an extremely easy-to-use interface.

Here is how you can use Audience Insights:

– You will see demographic graphs and interest options that change with the information inserted in left sidebar options.

– The left sidebar consists of three options:

  • Location
  • Demographics
  • Interest

You will get complete insights once you start filling in the data that is required for your information.

Here is an example for better understanding.

Let’s suppose, I sell the architecture related to Gothic design in New York City to a younger audience.

So, I put the data according to my requirement, and it gives me the exact size of my target audience and the demographics (male and female ratio).

Right beside the demographics tab, there is a top categories option in which I can take a look into the pages this audience has already liked in different categories.

As I can see, most of the pages are relevant to my niche, which gives me an extra surety on the relevancy of this audience.

Now you tell me how difficult it is for a newbie to use this excellent Facebook tool to reach the potential audience.

Wrapping Up!

There are many tricks and hacks of using Facebook Audience Insights by adding different topics on the interest sections, such as adding websites, blog links, and other relevant Facebook pages.

However, there are some key points that you should keep in your mind once you get the information.

  1. The target audience should be more than 35k and less than 300k.
  2. The liked pages should be at least 70% relevant to your niche.

By double-checking these things, you can quickly get a high ROI on your first Facebook Ads campaign. Try it!

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