First Step by GRAFT to the New Vision of Cryptocurrency

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Graft Network is announcing the ICO pre-sale round of its GRF tokens, based on NEM Mosaic, a smart contract token platform.

GRAFT is a global open-sourced, blockchain-based, decentralized payment gateway and processing platform that anyone can use. In this platform, the features and capabilities of cryptocurrency as well as a decentralized point of sale are combined. The technology enables both merchants and simple users to handle all money operations using a single credit card for fiat and cryptocurrencies. More details you can find in our white paper.

Nowadays, the value of a cryptocurrency in the financial market increased dramatically. According to the statistics, only for the last year, the search term “Bitcoin payment acceptance” enhanced by over 400%. The figure demonstrates that the society is positive-minded regarding cryptocurrency in general. However, its full integration has to be smooth and natural. GRAFT platform is the very milestone in this process.

Today, you are welcome to enjoy such benefits of GRAFT platform:

  • An orchestrated process of money acceptance using standard POS software or mobile POS;
  • The transaction cost is just $0.01-0.02 (fiat credit card fees excluded);
  • Completely anonymous accounts and transactions due to CryptoNote blockchain type;
  • Optional zero-knowledge proof user authentication;
  • PoW and PoS proof algorithms and CryptoNight hash algorithms, which have proved to be the finest.

The ICO pre-sale of GRAFT tokens is already in full swing. Find the price for GRF tokens in the table below.

To get the desired number of tokens, fill in and submit a pre-sale form, and they will be delivered to your NEM wallet.

Planning purchase, take into account extra Pre-Sale Bonuses, which will be distributed after Pre-Sale ends:

25 grf token bonus on 500 grf token purchase

100 grf token bonus on 1,000 grf token purchase

300 grf token bonus on 2,000 grf token purchase

1,000 grf token bonus on 5,000 grf token purchase

As soon as the pre-sale ends, all purchased tokens will be exchanged 1 to 1 to GRF coins on a live network.

For more details about the platform, please see Graft White Paper or/and Frequently Asked Questions.

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