From a Fellow Dev: Why You Should Apply to the Kin Developer Program Before the Deadline This Week

Disclaimer: I am an employee at Kin, and I’m about to share why you should also work with us.

People have different reasons for taking jobs. You might accept a position for a pay bump, change in title, or the excitement of more challenging responsibilities. On the other hand, you could also just feel that anything would be better than your current role. But for a few job hunters, you take a role where you actually believe in the company’s goal. That’s my story with Kin.

I’d heard about Kin and how the team created the cryptocurrency for consumer apps — great people working on a first-of-its-kind product. This was all wonderful, but I connected with the company’s mission and vision even more when I looked into the community that Kin was created for.

Kin wants to help consumer app developers unlock new monetization and growth strategies through cryptocurrency. Essentially, it allows developers to make money without jeopardizing or compromising the user experience and without unwanted ads. Even in my years of experience as a former team lead and developer at HP, I’d never felt so personally connected to a company’s mission — both as a consumer and a developer. This goal of using cryptocurrency and blockchain to benefit developers and their users really resonated with me. A way to make your app profitable by creating meaningful user experiences? Yep, that’s what you can do with Kin.

The Kin Developer Program

Now is your chance to show us how creative you can be with Kin. Launched in July, the Kin Developer Program, empowers you to build products featuring experiences powered by the cryptocurrency Kin. And, what’s more, you can earn up to approximately $116,000 USD in combined fiat and Kin currency for successfully completing the three phases in the program. The financial incentives are a no-brainer, and the fact that you’ll receive fiat money in addition to Kin currency sweetens the pot even more.

But Why Else?

Yes, the financial incentives are great, but the Kin Developer Program speaks to something much larger than just making money for doing what you love. It ladders up to Kin’s vision in three main ways:

  1. Barrier to Blockchain Removed

The ultimate goal of the Kin Developer Program is to activate more useful experiences for users of consumer apps. With access to Kin software development kit (SDK), you can build a killer app with blockchain at the core, and not have to worry about the underlying blockchain technology. Just focus on building an awesome product, and Kin will handle the rest.

2. Support of the Kin Ecosystem

If you’re a smaller developer, you probably have had a few great ideas for an app but lacked the strategic marketing resources needed to make your product a success. With Kin, developers accepted into the program won’t stand alone. Now, you’ll have the support of the Kin Ecosystem, the network of apps connected by Kin. Not to sound too kumbaya, but the apps in the Kin Ecosystem really do win together — and you’ll be included in this.

3. A Developer Program Created by Developers for Developers

Just as a bit of background (and another disclaimer), this is the program that I’m focused on. From the inaugural Kin Developer Program to scaling it in the future, my main project is to make integrating Kin easier for you. So every aspect of the program is being tailored for you by a fellow developer. I’m constantly thinking of ways to make the process of building with Kin more seamless, and as a team, we’re open to feedback on how we can improve the tools we’re building for you.

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Apply Now!

There’s only three days left to apply to the program, and submissions close on Friday, Aug. 10 at 1 P.M. E.T. Put on your thinking caps and submit your ideas to

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