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One of crowdfunding stages has already completed for the Game Stars project. The company notes a stunning success: during the pre-sale, the startup attracted a decent investment in the amount of 51 ETH and 57 BTC. Obviously, the GST token is in demand among representatives of the e-sports community and investors.

Purchasing GST tokens opens up great prospects. For the creation of a deficit and increase in the price of token after reaching the Hard Cap 14,285 registered users will be enough. This is an absurd figure for the platform that is going to conquer the gaming industry! After the end of tokensale, GST tokens could be purchased only on crypto-exchanges. An agreement on listing has already been reached with YoBit platform, negotiations on listing on WEX and other large online exchanges are being held.

Potential buyers should seriously consider the idea of purchasing GST tokens during the first round of token sale that will last until May 27th, 2018. The reason is a significant bonus, guaranteed by the company. 30% is a decent increase to the invested amount, isn’t it? During the first round, the price of the token is set at $ 0.035, the minimum investment amount equals $ 10.

What’s wrong with cybersports market?

The key problems are:

  1. Weak infrastructure
  2. Lack of financing for the beginner cybersportsmen
  3. Unpaid winnings
  4. Unfair tournament organizers who change the conditions for personal profit

What a decision Game Stars could offer?

  • A package of decisions that are beneficial for all the participants of the cybersports market. Gamers can participate in tournaments, advertisers can choose players for the promotion of brands, sponsors can support the sportsmen and benefit from their wins.
  • A cyber-tournament on personal conditions can be organized by anyone.
  • By selling personal tokens cybersportsmen can get enough funds for participating in tournaments, making purchases in games, hiring coaches, etc.
  • Smart contracts are created for each registered player of the platform. This provides automatic distribution of prize funds according to the conditions of the tournament. Everybody will get what s/he achieved!
  • Changing the conditions after the start of a tournament is impossible as they are written in smart contracts. Fraud is excluded on the Game Stars platform.

To take part in the Game Stars token sale, visit the official website. Join our project on social media Facebook, Telegram, Telegram chat and learn about the development of the startup among the first!

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