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The global lottery industry represents a vast, international, multi-billion-dollar market with unimaginable opportunities. Yet, its existing state is a far cry from what it can be. In 2017 alone, the global lottery industry generated upwards of $273 billion in ticket sales. However, despite the growth in emerging markets, mature solutions struggle to adopt new technology, to employ effective and up-to-date marketing strategies and to attract new sales streams altogether.

GG World Lottery has successfully identified the most pressing issues of the current market’s condition and brings forward comprehensive, modern solutions to reinvigorate the lottery scene.

The Disturbing Demographic Trend.

This multi-billion-dollar industry has got its own share of critical issues that are weighing it down. To make matters further worse, millennials and younger generations are increasingly engaging on mobile devices than other conventional means, which has rendered most of the existing lottery programs unappealing to a huge chunk of potential users. The increasing number of social and real-money games are not helping either. On the current path, the traditional lottery model will soon disappear to the oblivion unless the segment receives a timely facelift.

The fairness of the conventional lottery system is also being questioned by many, due to their lack of transparency when it comes to random number generation systems and prize draws. Addressing these concerns has been a very difficult task so far, as most of these age-old, time-tested solutions continue to rely on not so advanced pseudo-random number generators and questionable auditing authorities, thereby creating a widespread environment of distrust among the masses.

A Blockchain-Based Solution.

GG World Lottery introduces a comprehensive, blockchain-based multi-layered approach, combining the integration of blockchain technology and unparalleled marketing strategy which is already in motion.

Blockchain technology is going to guarantee fair draws and transparency of the entire process. Instead of using pseudo-random number generators as other lotteries have done in the past, GG World will be the first endeavor of its kind to implement True Random Number Generator (TRNG). Numbers generated for GG World lottery will be drawn entirely randomly, based on the quantum physics principle for the natural randomness of the world.

Additionally, the entire system will be closely monitored and certified by Gaming Laboratories International, providing an additional layer of transparency and trustworthiness.

Quickly and Steadily Establish its Global Influence.

What sets GG World Lotto apart from other industry players is its strategic and encompassing marketing approach. The project will open numerous national lotteries as well as act as a channel partner to existing national lotteries. The GG World Show will be the very first global TV show featuring participants from the entire world. Goodson Gaming, a company which has created 27 lottery shows already, is in partnership with GG International to make this happen.

Starting from emerging markets such as Africa, Asia, and South America, the team will quickly and steadily establish its global influence. As of July 2018, GG International has managed to secure 17 licenses from 12 countries and has signed multiple NDAs with national regulatory bodies. The project has also dedicated a team to work on Charitable and good causes initiatives which will enable entrants to promote certain charities of their choosing and to support them through lottery ticket revenue.

Understanding that mobile devices have the capacity to replace outdated lottery hardware, GG World lottery is designed to be entirely mobile friendly in order to capture the ever-increasing market of mobile users. The project is taking a modern approach not only to stay relevant but to capture a wider audience of potential users.

Token Holders and Token Sale Details.

The ICO of GG World Lottery will start on November 2nd and run until January 31st. Token holder will receive quarterly-paid dividends based on the overall number of tokens they own. Token holders will receive a lifetime revenue share based on every jackpot prize winner.

Affiliate Program

The newly launched affiliate program adds more value for the platform users and investors. As a part of this program, GG World has set aside 5% of the total token supply as affiliate system payouts. One can become an affiliate and start promoting the project among their peers by opening an account on the platform’s ICO website. Each affiliate stands to receive a 5% revenue share of the tokens purchased by their leads.

For more information on the project, you can take a look at their official website. Should you have any questions, feel free to ask away in the project’s Telegram group.

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