Give Your Idle Computing Power a Crypto Side Hustle

Final thoughts…

The current crypto bear market doesn’t need to be entirely unprofitable. If the price of ETH or BTC is too low for you to fire up your rig, you might be better off putting your miners to work for Sonm.

It’s certainly comforting to know an alternative exists. Reviving the use case for dedicated mining rigs can be a savior for certain companies and individuals.

Bitmain, for example, may have prevented the axing of half their workforce.

It doesn’t take much effort to calculate the double-agent potential of dedicated mining machines. When a mined crypto red-candles its way below pre-determined fair market value, it’s officially Sonm season.

Sonm is breathing a second life into a financially struggling industry. Which, ironically, is a shining example of how 2018 is the year of #BUIDL.

A cost-reducing, customer-having, real-world-problem-solving project continues to sink with the rest of the market. Logic dictates projects like Sonm increase in value, but the crypto market runs on neither logic nor reason.

The good news lies in what’s to come. Projects like Sonm are (perhaps too) quietly building platforms that people want and need and will actually use. Current prices fail to capture inbuilt future potential.

Are you starting to smell the decentralized principles in here? It’s palpable for 3 reasons:

  1. Truly Distributed Network. Independent machines acting akin to nodes operate all over the globe. Transactions take place P2P.
  2. Trimmed Costs. These ‘nodes’ come with far less overhead than their centralized counterparts.
  3. Reroutes Resources from Technological Monopolies. C’mon, Google, you’re wealthy enough. We can tokenize some of the fiat headed for your overstuffed coffers and stash it in our digital wallets.

And those reasons, my friends, embody why I‘m so enamored with crypto and blockchain tech. The space continually challenges the status quo, and no industry is immune to scrutiny.

Sonm is doing its part to spread blockchain adoption by providing real-world value to a thriving and growing cloud-computing industry. The project delivers a win-win scenario across the (mother)board.

If your personal or corporate mining efforts are feeling bearish, the Sonm platform may very well release the bulls.

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