GlobalCTB Review – Easy and Smooth Crypto Trading

Have you made up your mind to become a trader? If you have, it is necessary to be smart in your decisions if you don’t want your capital wiped out. One of the smart decisions you have to make is the broker you select to work with. If you choose a reliable and good brokerage firm, you will be able to have a pleasant trading experience while the wrong selection can lead to a loss of investments and time. You will find a huge number of brokers online, each of which claims to be better than the rest. However, you should be aware that most of the brokers are unreliable and downright shady.

In fact, some of them are pure scams and have robbed unsuspecting investors of their assets and funds outright. Therefore, the choice of a broker can play a crucial role in your success. The biggest challenge for traders is figuring out what makes a good broker and the kind of services to expect from them. When you don’t have any knowledge or experience in the trading market, it is highly likely that you will accept whatever comes your way. It is essential to understand that a reputable and trustworthy broker is one that protects the interest of its clients and offers them top notch features and services.

The crypto market is constantly expanding as new projects are being introduced on a regular basis. Bitcoin and the technology powering it i.e. Blockchain, were introduced in 2009. This was the launch of the cryptocurrency industry and they have become a popular and powerful trading instrument that can deliver substantial profits to traders. The only thing that traders require is a good platform to trade from and this is exactly what they seek in a broker. It is vital to remember that not every broker will offer crypto trading to its clients.

Those that do only have a limited number of options and their platform is just not suited for crypto trading. For instance, some forex brokers in the market do offer cryptocurrencies for trading, but their features and services are geared towards the foreign exchange market. This can have an impact on your trading experience. Instead of going with these options, it is better to go with a broker like Global CTB, one that specializes in crypto trading and has designed its platform and tools to support and accommodate it.

Even though it hasn’t been around for that long, GlobalCTB has gained significant recognition amongst crypto investors and enthusiasts due to the quality of services it can deliver to its clients. The broker was introduced by a group of professional traders who have in-depth knowledge and experience in the market and have made use of it to provide traders with a positive environment. The team has used its firsthand experience to create a trading platform that makes crypto trading as smooth as possible and eliminates all the obstacles that are a common occurrence. How else does Global CTB cater to its customers? Read on to know.

Regulation and Monitoring

One of the most important aspects of any brokerage is the regulation of their services. Most of the scam stories that you read these days happen with unregulated brokers because they are not answerable to anyone and can get away with what they do. Regulated brokers are the ones that are monitored by a reputable institution and so they are fully legitimate and transparent about the services they offer. Global CTB has absolutely nothing to hide and this is apparent by the fact that the broker has opted for proper regulation and monitoring. You can find the certificate on its website and reassure yourself about their regulatory status before you sign up with them.

Security of Funds and Information

Another critical aspect of every broker is the security of the funds you deposit with them and the information you share when opening an account. You will also come across incidents where brokerages were hacked and their systems were compromised. Cybercriminals drained their accounts, which meant their customers lost all their money and their information also fell into the wrong hands. This can have long-term consequences for traders and can lead to a lot of damages. Hence, security is not something that can be taken lightly by any brokerage and GlobalCTB certainly doesn’t do that.

The broker has taken the safety of its clients’ information into cognizance by implementing the highest grade Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for encrypting all data and communications between the server and the client. Thus, no third party can gain unauthorized access to the sensitive and confidential information shared by traders. In addition to this, Global CTB has also implemented the KYC (Know your Customer) policy, which is in accordance with its regulatory status.

As per this policy, anyone who signs up with the broker has to submit proof of identity in the form of a government-issued document like passport, driver’s license or national ID card. They also have to provide proof of address in the form of a utility bill or bank statement. This is to prevent any fraudulent practices from being implemented on their platform and to make sure that only legitimate people can create an account with them. The AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policy is also applied in order to ensure that the broker’s services are not used for any illegal activities like money laundering.

Global CTB also maintains segregated accounts for its clients with the top banks for keeping their funds safe and well-protected. Separate accounts are maintained for the broker to prevent any misappropriation. Strong firewalls are also in place and the website is monitored closely to make sure no breaches happen. Suffice it to say, Global CTB takes the security of your money and information quite seriously.

Multiple Trading Account Options

Global CTB aims to provide all of its clients across the globe with several account options to choose from. Their goal is to ensure that every single client can find the tools and features they require for trading seamlessly. Therefore, every account option offered by the broker is fully unique; it has different features and tools include to accommodate the needs of traders. Some features like customer support and access to the trading academy are common in all. The deposit requirements and the percentage of welcome bonus varies for every account. Check out the options below:

  • The Basic Account: Rather self-explanatory, this account option has been created by Global CTB for traders who are just starting out with cryptocurrencies. They have no previous experience in the market and are trading for the first time. Thus, the deposit requirement for this account is just $250 as they shouldn’t invest more than that in the first go. The account comes with customer support and access to education center, along with webinars. Price alerts and daily market review is also included as is a welcome bonus of 30%.
  • The Beginner Account: This is an upgrade of the first account and it offers a higher welcome bonus of 40%. In order to open this account, you have to deposit $10,000 due to which it is for traders with some experience under their belt. The same features of the basic account are available, but a junior account manager is added because more trading can be done.
  • The Medium Account: This account is a step up from the beginner account and it requires a minimum deposit of $25,000. The welcome bonus is now increased to 60% to provide an incentive to traders. You can get the features of both basic and beginner account under this one, but now a senior account manager is provided to help in making financial decisions. Their guidance can keep losses at a minimum.
  • The Advanced Account: As highlighted by the name, Global CTB added this account to their options for advanced traders. The minimum deposit is now set at $50,000, which is easy for skilled traders to invest. The welcome bonus is also high at 70%. The addition in this account is that of a VIP account manager because the traders become more lucrative and traders want to maximize their profits.
  • The Pro Account: Global CTB has designed this account option for professional traders and this account can be opened with a deposit of $100,000. Traders can also get welcome bonus of 80%. Apart from that, traders in this account can access every single feature that other accounts have to offer.
  • The VIP Account: This last account option offered by Global CTB is for a special category of traders. These are also professionals, but those who have extremely high trading volumes and so they require special tools and features. There are some conditions that have to be fulfilled for qualifying for this account and you can learn about them by asking your account manager.

You can choose an account option according to your experience level and budget. As far as funds are concerned, there are three currency options you can choose from; Euro, GBP and USD. You can deposit funds in any one of these currencies.

Diverse Options for Deposit and Withdrawal of Funds

In order to begin your trading journey, you would certainly have to deposit funds with a broker. Likewise, you will also withdraw money at some point after you have accumulated profits. Some brokers make it too complicated for people to do both, which can have a negative impact on their trading experience. Global CTB has made sure that traders don’t have to face any problems in either, whether it is depositing funds or making withdrawals.

The minimum amount that you can deposit with the broker is $250 or in any one of the two currencies you choose. As far as the minimum withdrawal amount is concerned, this is set at $100 or your chosen account currency.

One of the best things about Global CTB is that they do not have any charges associated with deposit of funds or withdrawal. This means you don’t have to worry about increasing your trading costs when you add funds to your trading account or withdraw it. As far as payment methods are concerned, the broker gives you the option of choosing from three. You can either use your debit or credit Visa and MasterCard. Maestro is also supported. You can also go with bank wire transfer option, if that’s more convenient. Lastly, Global CTB also gives you the option of using cryptocurrencies for account funding.

Education and Trading Academy

Global CTB is fully aware that the cryptocurrency industry is comparatively new and as new crypto projects are being introduced regularly, traders need to stay updated about this digital industry. Therefore, the broker has gone to great lengths to develop an education section that offers learning and training materials to traders. They can expand their knowledge about financial market and trading tactics in the form of e-books, charts, articles, videos, webinars and the latest industry news.

Professional and Prompt Customer Service

Another important thing to know about Global CTB is that the broker has a team of experienced and professional customer care representatives. They are well-informed about crypto market dynamics and the industry as a whole. No matter what problem a trader may encounter, these representatives will be able to assist them easily and provide prompt solutions to ensure the trading process remains uninterrupted.

They have given multiple channels for reaching out to their clients, which include email, telephone number and live chat. You can reach the representatives 24 hours a day, from Monday to Saturday. Besides these options, Global CTB has also added a list of pre-answered questions in their FAQ section, which can be used by traders for instant solutions.  


Aside from the aforementioned features and services, Global CTB provides its clients with access to some of the top cryptocurrencies in the market. They can invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and plenty others through the easy sign up process and the low costs ensure a profitable trading experience.