Trade on

Graviex is a Bitcoin / Altcoin exchange. It is a good place to trade many Altcoins and Bitcoin. This is not trading advice but we have been using it for quite sometime now with out issue. You can send your Altcoins to and trade them for Bitcoin. Then withdrawal your coin to your own wallet. Graviex has several markets to trade Altcoins against listed to the right. They have 100s of Altcoins you can trade against these pairs.

Dividends on

Dividends on let you earn BTC on your GIO. Again this is not trading advice but some of us have for sure made money on dividends! Basically you can buy GIO or Mine Graviex’s coin GIO and make BTC dividends. I love investments like this!

Free Coins – Faucets

You can get freecoins on by clicking their faucets!