Great, Frightening Front-Page Creative From Amsterdam This Morning

“Do Google and Facebook actually know you better than your own partner?”

“How well do the tech giants really know us?”

Big shoutout to

Marthe van de Grift for this important look at the deeply frightening face of the future of our privacy. ✊

To do better at that guy’s daughter than concealing the illegitimate baby growing inside of you, follow Verhagen and Waarlo’s

6 Starter Tips To Improve Your Online Privacy:

  1. You have Settings options on both Google and Facebook. Use them. You can deselect the data you don’t want them to gather.
  2. Use privacy-friendly browsers. Like Brave.
  3. Install adblockers and cookieblockers. Like Ghostery.
  4. Use incognito mode. That way your cookies are automatically erased each time you exit your browser.
  5. Manage the permissions of all the apps on your smartphone. On Android phones, switch off personalized ads for Google.
  6. Keen to completely conceal your identity online? Go full-on and combine a VPN and an anonymous communication network tool like Tor to conceal your identity entirely online.

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