Growing the Blockchain Community Development Sector — Introducing The Collective

The Collective is one example of a business in the new segment of the cryptocurrency sector

As the cryptocurrency sector has developed an interesting new layer has emerged that I call the “meta” blockchain sector. These are companies and organization that are not building platforms to apply blockchain technology to existing industries. Rather, they are aiming to serve the needs of the emerging blockchain development sector itself.

Blockchain Community Management

An example is an increasing number of what can be called blockchain “community management” companies. These are new business entities dedicated exclusively to the incubation and management of Initial Token/Coin Offerings (IT/COs). More than this, many of the companies are trying to develop a fully integrated ecosystem where IT/COs are managed, whitepapers developed, user communities created and fostered, and the exchange of cryptocurrencies enabled.

There are lots of advantages to using a community management service for cryptocurrency businesses. A good community management company will prepare, design, and develop community-building strategies that are legally compliant for start-ups. The central function of these efforts is providing the first line of support so development teams can stay focused on deliverables.

Essential to offer effective community management in the blockchain sector is expertise. Blockchain community development companies are typically run by crypto-enthusiasts who can help a business stay ahead of the curve by keeping current on all major industry trends and tools.

The Collective Community Development Company

The Collective is a successful Fintech company that is expanding its ecosystem to include the creation and management of IT/COs, as well as blockchain community management more generally. What makes it unique is that instead of linking ITO/CO to other parties in the cryptocurrency world, it will provide all necessary structures to grow community engagement within its won ecosystem.

Services The Collective plans to offer include:

  • increasing a company’s social media presence by managing multiple content streams.
  • White paper development services ranging from reviewing and editing existing drafts to working with a company to write a white paper from scratch.
  • The Collective has ongoing relationships with leading industry voices and can provide access to a network of influencers.

To offer these services effectively, The Collective proposes to create a comprehensive ecosystem that involves multiple components with 24/7 support. These components include a community management company, a decentralized exchange, a centralized exchange, a video game development division, as well as a community-based initiative designed to serve and protect the interests of everyone in the blockchain industry.

  • Integrated Digital Exchange

As part of the ecosystem, The Collective is building a hybrid digital exchange. The plans for the exchange include an integrated global decentralized marketplace for Ethereum-based tokens, known as CDEX, and a centralized exchange known as TraderOne. Together these systems enable the trading of all different types of digital assets, not only those based on Ehtereum.

  • Crypto-Powered Augmented Reality Games

The Collective also includes a video game division. The video game industry is huge and The Collective is not alone in recognizing that as the popularity of cryptocurrencies increase, so will the opportunities to leverage the user base the gaming industry attracts.

The first game to be launched within the ecosystem is called “CollectiveGO,” an augmented reality game that will integrate multiple cryptocurrencies and monetize through various advertisers. For instance, if a company wants to showcase a new coin or token, CollectiveGO can feature it within the game. As a user plays the game and comes across the token, a short description with links will pop up to increase engagement with the company’s online content.

The game will be played on mobile phones using the camera to overlay gameplay on the screen. Players navigate through a virtual world where they can encounter and use different digital currencies. A user will be able to link their wallet address to the game for quick distribution. To ensure the gamers are not wasting their time, all coins and tokens distributed through the game will be held in escrow.

  • The Collective Global Initiative

One interesting part of what The Collective is planning is called “The Global Initiative,” which is described as a self-regulated organization with the goal of making the cryptocurrency industry safer. The idea seems to be to protect the community from fraud and ensure legal compliance in a way that does not stifle innovation and growth. The Collective Global Initiative wants to establish voluntary best practices for the entire industry (that are not government-driven) and provide trustworthy spaces for user communities to come together and exchange information.


The Collective is one of the most recent companies to emerge offering incubation and management services to the blockchain sector. It is part of a growing segment of the blockchain sector that is focussing on creating encompassing ecosystems to not only support ICOs but entire crypto communities.

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