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Tech Event Recap: “#CrazyTechStories Presented by Hacker Noon & Indeed Prime

Hiya Hackers,

Last night, we hosted an event at Huckletree’s awesome co-working space in Shoreditch London, where Hacker Noon contributing writers across the pond presented their craziest tech stories. London’s consistently been a top three city for us in terms of readership, so it’s very exciting to work here.

#CrazyTechStories speakers shared some hard-won wisdom around avoiding releases on Fridays; surviving a Heisenburg; the horrors of Arizona ice tea cans; baptisms by fire when it comes to pitching your startup; rebuilding things you’ve already built; and how to hack 40 million people into thinking you’re a hacker.

“Really enjoyed the Hacker Noon event tonight. I learned that you should always have backups of your backup, and that magic is still magic no matter how much you know about technology. I also learned to never, ever say ‘sudo rm -rf /’ as a joke…” – Ed Cooper, Technologist at Monitor Deloitte

The audience was also treated to a real-life magic show and a behind the scenes look at the process and thinking behind Hacker Noon’s rebuild from David Smooke himself.

“Hacker Noon is even better in the flesh! It was really good to hear from people who are doing such cool things. I also learned some key rules about not having liquids near laptops, as well as presentations and how to smash them. The magic show from Tom Webb was truly amazing.” – Esteves Watson, Data Scientist

A huge shoutout to our speakers for sharing their valuable time and insights: Anton Mozgovoy, Simon Woolf, Priansh Shah, David Smooke, Anthony Rose, and Thomas Webb.


The Hacker Noon Team

P.S. For those you based in London, Huckletree’s Tech Team is hiring! With professional development perks that include a monthly Curiosity Budget, we’d highly recommend checking out their vacancies.

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