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Hey Hacker Noon writers! Part of my role at Hacker Noon is to get more eyes on the amazing articles written by you, our talented contributors. To do so, we’re forging media partnerships to help distribute your quality work. 

One of these partnerships is with Digg, the company that was Reddit before Reddit. They are currently undergoing some exciting site restructures and we’re already seeing great results by posting our articles on their platform. Sharing your Hacker Noon stories on Digg could bring you 1000s of new readers. 

What is Digg?

Digg is a social network and news aggregating site that allows users to post stories to be curated and shared on the Digg homepage and among the various Digg namespaces.

It assists users to find web pages, posts, and blogs of their interest as well as forward and promote posts and blogs that resonate with them. Users submit stories that are thereafter either upvoted (digged) or not (buried).

The stories which are popular and well-received are always featured on the front page, which can drive a lot of traffic to the corresponding sites they originated from.

The main objective of this site is to assist users to navigate an exceedingly saturated online media space, making it easier to pick and consume the most relevant and important content and Internet trends of the day.

Digg has the potential to drive a lot of traffic to your Hacker Noon story and we highly recommend you post every one of your Hacker Noon stories on Digg as well. 

Sometimes taking 5 minutes to post on Digg is enough to drive thousands of curious readers to the stories you worked so hard to write.

How to post on Digg

  1. Create an account on Digg
  2. Join the Hacker Noon space 
  3. Submit your article 
  4. Help your fellow HN writers out by digging (upvoting) some of the HN articles you see in our space. 

Important Notes on Submitting Your Articles

While it only takes 5 minutes to post on Digg, you still must do your due diligence to make the post enticing to click. Luckily, Digg’s system holds our hand throughout this process.

Once you click “Submit Link” at the bottom left of the Hacker Noon namespace, the following editor will load. It is important that you fill out every line, as the more fleshed-out your post is, the higher chances it has of getting on Digg’s homepage.

1. Copy-paste the URL of your Hacker Noon story

2. The title should auto-fill in a few seconds. Remove “ | Hacker Noon” from the end of the title to clean it up.

3. Add a 1 – 5 word story kicker that will display above your title.

4. Add a short description. You can copy-paste your meta description of your story if you wrote one on Hacker Noon.

5. Add a 2 -3 paragraph overview. Copy-pasting the first couple paragraphs of your story could suffice, or you can write on from scratch.

6. Add 3 short lines that represent the 3 most important points in your story

7. Go to Twitter, and add the post URL of your story. You can search Hacker Noon + YOUR STORY TITLE to find Hacker Noon’s post or add your own. 

…and you’re done! 

Hit submit and it’ll be live on Digg within 24 hours. If you submit more than one article, we will space them out so don’t expect to get more than one of your articles on Digg each day.  

Where to Post on Digg?

You can submit your articles to any of the namespaces on Digg. Each space has their own moderators, so whether your article is posted on Digg is up to the moderator of the space you submit to. Who moderates the Hacker Noon namespace? We do! So posting your articles on the Hacker Noon namespace is your best bet. 

Hacker Noon also moderates the Blockchain namespace on Digg. That means by writing blockchain or cryptocurrency articles on Hacker Noon, you also have the opportunity to submit your article to Digg’s Blockchain section and have your articles curated there.

With some luck and hard work, you may even find your article on the Digg homepage. 

At Hacker Noon, we’re fully committed to bringing as many readers as possible to the wonderful stories you write.

This was just the beginning, and we’ll have more partnerships to celebrate with you as the year goes on. Keep grinding. Keep sharing, and keep making a difference.


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