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A whopping 85% of all emails are considered spam; some are merely annoying, while others are dangerous attacks to steal your personal information.  At least 3 billion phishing emails are sent every day, and far more could be going undetected or unreported.  Common phishing attacks include money scams, address spoofing, malware warnings, spearfishing, extortion, and credential harvesting. 

While some may seem like isolated incidents, phishing is often the first step of a more sophisticated attack.  More than half of all phishing emails contain malware.  Currently, there are 184 million ransomware attacks per year, and this number is rising.  Ransomware attacks have reached big businesses.  NotPetya ransomware shut down FedEx company computers for $300 worth of bitcoin, which resulted in the theft of consumer information.  The ransomware cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline locked down digital equipment, crippling the supply line and leading to a massive gas panic.

Phishing not only costs businesses their money, but also time, customer retention, and productivity.  Phishing is easy to overlook, so it’s important to become aware of methods to make your information secure. 19.8% of employees click phishing links. To slow this down, it’s important to establish an employee training program.  While it won’t stop all phishing attacks, it will show your employees what to beware of.  51% of attacks are too advanced for regular protection programs, so keeping an eye out for discrepancies can help protect your business, and 54% of attacks involve credential harvesting, so it’s essential to verify all invoices and payments. 

Investing in email security programs is the best way to protect your information.  50% more attacks are stopped by advanced AI.  With email security, companies saw a 99.2% reduction in phishing emails.  Stop phishing before it hits your inbox.  It is the number one enterprise solution for cloud email that catches and eliminates potential threats.  It deploys inside the cloud, configures like an app, has fast integration with other tools, and covers connected cloud operations.  Make it easy to stop phishing emails before they ever reach your inbox and stop phishing attacks in their tracks.



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