Hacking Instagram: How To Add Infinite Hashtags To Your Post

The Anti-Climactic Exploit Every Instagram Influencer Has Been Dreaming Of


And then something unexpected happened happened: Nothing. Nothing happened.

100% of the interactions on the photo came from people already following me. The hashtags were completely irrelevant.

Now I wasn’t expecting to quit my day job to become an Instagram model overnight but I definitely expected at least a handful of bonus likes from strangers on the internet. Granted, I didn’t spend much time choosing which hashtags to post. My experiment was purely quantity oriented. Additionally, I only made one post, so it’s possible that this photo could’ve been a dud.

Still, it seems unlikely that I wouldn’t get a single bonus like out of 800 hashtags if their effectiveness truly scaled proportionally.

It was disappointing to see my experiment fail but regardless we can now safely say that bigger is not definitively better and there’s no such thing as “instant Instagram fame.”

Though hashtags remain one of the most powerful tools available to influencers, their inner-workings remain an enigma.

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