An Entertaining (& Educational) Dictionary of Crypto & Blockchain Terminology

  • ATH: “All Time High”

Example: “BTC saw an ATH after “Big Bang Theory aired last year.”

  • Bagholder: A trader holding after a cryptocurrency has had a significant decrease in value.

Example: “What are you doing with Dogecoin, ya bagholder! It’s worthless!”

  • Bearish: Expectation price is going to DECREASE

Example: “Trade your NEO! I predict a bearish month!”

  • Bullish: Expectation price is going to INCREASE

Example: “I would invest in a large amount of XRP, pretty sure we are entering a bullish market”

  • BTFD: Buy at The F***ing Dip!

Example; “I told you jerks to BTFD! Why don’t you listen!?”

  • Cypherpunk: People who are into cryptography as a means of social change.

Example: “Jacob Appelbaum is a BA cypherpunk!”

  • DYOR: Do Your Own Research

Example: “You’re an idiot if you don’t DYOR!!!!”

  • Flippening: The change in value of an altcoin, where it would no longer be primarily based on the value of Bitcoin

Example: “Eth is lower than BCH! That’s flippening, bro!”

  • FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out

Example: “What are you guys all doing, you know because I suffer from serious FOMO, and I need to know.”

  • FUD: Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (one that spreads this negativity is termed a ‘fudster’)

Example: “Cryptocurrencies overall have had a decrease in price related to FUD.”

  • Lambo: Short for Lamborghini.

Example: “Alyze said, “Few using ‘lambo’ are actually owners of this incredibly costly vehicle.”

  • Moon: A large increase in value.

Example: “When moon?” You’ll see “Wen Moon!?” often, because spelling isn’t important when you’re losing money, obviously.

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